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Curated Melbourne Event Series: Build a Sustainable Wardrobe

Beginning this Monday is the week-long event ‘Build a Sustainable Wardrobe’, here to help answer all your sustainable fashion questions.

People are already discussing ways in which consumers and designers can create a more sustainable and ethical future. Most of us already know the paths we should be taking to get to this stage, but many still wonder where to begin. Luckily, fashion labels are coming together to create an event for people who are committed to an ethical and sustainable future.

In March 2017 the Council of Textile & Fashion launched Curated Melbourne to combine Australia’s emerging ethical fashion designers in one space and create “a shopping experience for those who want to be the forefront of new discoveries”.

Curated Melbourne Event Series- Build a Sustainable Wardrobe Talk by A.BCH
Credit: A.BCH

A.BCH reusable tote bag

From the 29th of May to the 4th of June, local labels will be working together as part of the Curated Melbourne program. A week long schedule of events addressing the importance of building a sustainable wardrobe is for all fashion lovers and enthusiasts. This will be an event that goes above and beyond to create an experience that overthrows traditional retail.

Pop-up by day and event space by night, the week includes workshops, fittings, films and discussions hosted by Lois Hazel, Lott Studio, Scott Benedictine, Vincent Li and A.BCH. These Melbourne designers have joined forces to help people discover fashion that aligns with their values and better the future.

Lois Hazel Wine Drift Dress
Credit: Lois Hazel

Lois Hazel Jan Top

What you can expect from the Build a Sustainable Wardrobe Programme:

  • Build A Sustainable Wardrobe Talk with A.BCH, featuring Lois Hazel, Lott Studios, Scott Benedictine and Vincent Li
  • Bespoke Fittings by appointment with Scott Benedictine
  • Fashion Film Night with Vincent Li
  • Capture Me photographic experience with Vincent Li
  • Care Repair Wear Workshop with A.BCH

So if you’ve ever had any questions about shopping for sustainable fashion and what makes some designs ‘sustainable’, or just need some expert help curating your very own eco-friendly wardrobe, this event series is for you. 

All events in the week long ‘Build a Sustainable Wardrobe’ programme will be held at ‘St. Collins Lane’, 260 Collins Street in Melbourne.

Tickets are expected to sell out so make sure to register your interest. For more information or to , visit

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