6 Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands (Under $100) That Don’t Compromise On Style

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6 Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands (Under $100) That Don’t Compromise On Style

It’s commonly thought that buying ethically costs more. And it’s true – to a certain extent.

When you start paying more attention to ecologically friendly, ethical, and sustainable brands you soon realize that average costs of buying ethical clothes is higher than fast fashion pieces because the prices of inputs and wages for ‘fair trade’ or ‘responsibly produced’ runs higher.

But if you think you won’t be able to afford or live up to making “ethically conscious” decisions, better think again. There are definitely ethical brands out there that offer conscious fashion without the extravagant price tag.

To help you in your search for affordable ethical fashion, we’ve rounded up a list of fashion brands that won’t hurt both the planet and your pocket!


This zero waste free clothing brand sees fashion differently – basically from the way it’s made to the way it’s worn. Promoting zero-waste and fair trade eco clothing line, it takes pride in its latest collection of trendy shirts and dresses that range from $46 to $88. There are items priced over the $100 threshold but very few.

Believing that every thread matters, Tonlé makes sure that its customers own one-of-a-kind clothes that carry significant meaning across cultures and continents. To browse their fair trade zero waste fashion collections, click here.

Tess Dress in Navy - Tonle Zero Waste Fashion
Tess Dress in navy $82
Tess Dress in cream - Tonle
Tess Dress in cream $82

Threads For Thought (or Threads 4 Thought)

Its collection of casual dresses is perfect for a beachy getaway or even for “no-occasion-at-all” pegs. Started in 2006, the brand initially launched its small collection of tees made from eco-friendly fabrics with graphic designs. The creative minds behind it are inspired by causes that moved them: care for humanity and the environment.

Tagged as a full lifestyle brand of fashion that is produced responsibly and supports sustainable fashion, Threads 4 Thought boasts its affordable eco wardrobe staples with prices varying from $44 to $68. It claims that every time you buy its clothes and accessories, you are voting for products that help to improve the planet and move the fashion industry towards a healthier future for everyone. I’m sure you’d love that, right?

Sammy Dress from Threads for Thought
Threads 4 Thought ‘Sammy’ Dress $48
Nonna Dress from Threads 4 Thought
Threads 4 Thought ‘Nonna’ Dress $49.99
Jetta Culotte Threads 4 Thought
Threads 4 Thought ‘Jetta Culotte’ $58

People Tree

This UK-based, fair-trade and eco-friendly fashion company partners with artisans and farmers in developing countries to produce look good, feel good clothing. It offers ethical and sustainable fashion dresses, comfy tops, sleepwear, designers, jackets, accessories, and even hand-made jewelry that come with cheap price tags. Remarkable value given its ethical and sustainable credentials. Some of its “perfect-for-all-occasion” dresses cost only $37.80!

Imagine getting the style you love at a price that won’t hurt the bank account – all while living up to your eco-conscious principles. They even have a super SALE with whopping discounts of up to 70 percent. To shop the collection, head to www.peopletree.co.uk

People Tree 'New Tasha' trousers in black
People Tree ‘New Tasha’ trousers in black $56.70
People Tree organic cotton Respect tee in navy
People Tree organic cotton ‘Respect’ tee $43.20
People Tree Nita Stripe Dress in Navy
People Tree organic cotton ‘Nita Stripe Dress’ in navy $67.50


This ethical American clothing retailer offers unique, flexible, and trendy pieces like comfy tees, shirts, sweaters, dresses, bottoms, and outerwear. Nearly everything is under $100 so you won’t need to browse the website for long hoping to find a ‘bargain’.

Everlane is renowned for its commitment to crafting beautiful garments that even the mainstream consumer covets because it’s neither arrogant in the way it markets it transparent responsible business practices on certain and it’s affordable. Plus its a conscious brand that doesn’t compromise comfort and minimalist style.

Everlane The Japanese GoWeave Long Slip Dress – $88
Everlane The Japanese GoWeave Long Slip Dress $88
Everlane Cotton Pocket Dress in navy
Everlane Cotton Pocket Dress in navy $78
Everlane The Cotton Pocket Shirt Dress in navy:white
Everlane Cotton Pocket Shirt Dress in navy/white $78

The Road Clothing

This Australian ethical clothing brand believes that having a conscience is neither a luxury nor a sacrifice. For this brand, it is more of an innate, precious thing that you should wear with pride and passion. Committed to tailoring clothes that last and won’t wreck the planet, The Road Clothing takes pride in its very affordable eco collection of tees and tops (almost all under $50) that could really make you feel good. The Road Clothing: Safe for your health, your pocket, and the planet.

The Road Clothing Life is Beautiful Tank Dress $59
The Road Clothing ‘Life is Beautiful’ Tank Dress $59
The Road Clothing Citylights Bralette in stripe
The Road Clothing ‘Citylights Bralette’ in stripe $49
The Road Clothing 'Women's Dust Jacket Tee' in black
The Road Clothing ‘Women’s Dust Jacket Tee’ in black $39

Matter Prints

With a dream to bring textile artisanship mainstream, Renyung Ho founded Matter Prints, a socially motivated lifestyle brand focused on travel wear. This conscious brand relies heavily on artisan knowledge and local input to influence their beautiful designs, creating a collaborative approach that acknowledges the expertise of the artisan community.

Each designer’s piece is crafted to inspire sustainable fashion and reflect noble ethical standards and classic cultural traditions. With its line, you are assured that you get what you deserve: comfy and stylish tops and bottoms! (Please note: While the tops and shorts are priced under $100, the pants and scarves are not).

Matter Prints 'The Classic Shorts' in Bird Moss
Matter Prints ‘The Classic Shorts’ in Bird Moss $79
Matter Prints The Pyramid Top & Hairline Stripe
Matter Prints ‘The Pyramid Top’ in Hairline Stripe $79

These six ethical fashion brands prove that “going green” doesn’t have to be expensive. Do away with your “can’t afford it” excuses and kickstart that sustainable wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

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Now over to you: Is there an affordable ethical fashion brand we’ve missed? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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