9 Stylish Vegan Shoes, Heels and Sandals That are Worth the Investment

9 Stylish Vegan Shoes, Heels and Sandals That are Worth the Investment

Who doesn’t love a good pair of shoes? Women especially are fascinated with shoe brands that are not only fashionable and comfortable but increasingly, they also care about ones that are ethical and environmentally-friendly.

And while it’s easy to find ‘ethically-made’ shoes, what’s harder to find is ethically-made vegan shoes, heels and sandals.

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So the aim of this list is to help you find the best vegan heels and shoe brands on the market – in terms of quality, comfort and style – so you can spend less time researching cruelty-free shoes and more time enjoying life in them!

1. Beyond Skin

Living up to its philosophy, “made with heart,” Beyond Skin takes pride in its faux-suede footwear using a microfiber called Dinamica. This is mainly made in Italy from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Based in Brighton in the United Kingdom, this ethical footwear label proudly claims that it only sources the finest and most luxurious fabrics to make its shoes gentle and comfy for your feet. You can choose the style, color, or design that matches your preference and personality. With your vegan pair, you can put a guilt free spring in your step and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Beyond Skin 'Freddie' vegan shoes
Beyond Skin ‘Freddie’ vegan shoes

Beyond Skin Vegan Footwear


Beyond Skin white 'Freddie' vegan shoes
Beyond Skin ‘Freddie’ vegan shoes in white

2. Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes started in 1990 where everything was made to order and handcrafted. Making each design unique, stylish, and most of all, vegan-friendly, the shoemaker doesn’t use leather in its masterpieces. Instead, Robin Webb opted to use breathable Microfibre fabrics for its footwear. Eventually, the brand also ventured into boots, sandals, satchels, and belts.

Vegetarian Shoes 'Komodo' Vegan Shoes
Vegetarian Shoes ‘Komodo’ Espadrilles


RAFA houses luxury shoe collections for women that are carefully handcrafted by 20 California-based shoe artisans. Its vegan footwear ranges from boots, sandals, heels, and flats. Each shoe design is elegant and timeless – transcending trends and setting a fashion statement.



Rafa USA vegan shoes 'The Simple Sandal'
RAFA ‘The Simple Sandal’ in Gobi
Rafa vegan heels
RAFA ‘The Sky Sandal’

4. Ahimsa

The Ahimsa vegan footwear brand prioritizes love – the love of crafting vegan footwear that also demonstrates their love of animals. Born to make a difference, the ethical shoe brand dares to question habits, inspire attitudes, and provoke change without harming animals and with lots of respect to every living thing on the planet. Its loafers, sneakers, boots, and chucks are suitable for all occasions – be it corporate, casual, rugged, and even outdoor sports.

Ahimsa vegan sneakers 'Women's Sneakers 771'
Ahimsa ‘Women’s Sneakers 771’
Ahimsa vegan sandals 'Palma Sandal'
Ahimsa ‘Palma Sandal’
Ahimsa vegan sandals 'Dahlia Sandal'
Ahimsa ‘Dahlia Sandal’

5. Olsen Haus

This brand produces women’s vegan shoes which capture the shoemaker’s creativity and values. With a philosophy that is anchored in universal truth and respect for all beings, as well as its dedication to express truth in the material world, Olsen is committed to being 100% animal- free or cruelty-free with a high standard of ethical social responsibility in animal rights, human rights, and the environment. Catch its current collection here.

Olsenhaus vegan shoes 'A-Camel' vegan heels
Olsenhaus ‘A-Camel’ vegan heels
Olsenhaus vegan heels 'A-Fair' vegan style
Olsenhaus heels ‘A-Fair’ heels

6. Mohop

Mohop is proud to be the first company to produce mass customizable footwear via your smartphone, thanks to the genius people behind this innovative brand. They do this by combining on-demand 3D digital fabrication with emerging body scanning technology. This eco-friendly shoe brand explores the space where cutting-edge digital technologies meet traditional artisan techniques, crafting quality, chic, and comfy footwear.

They are not only passionate about comfortable shoes that both suit your style and fit your foot, but women in STEM, and conscientious relationships with people, animals, and the environment. You’ll find its fashionable vegan collections here.

Mohop vegan shoes 'high ankle strap' vegan heels
Mohop ‘High Ankle Strap’ heels
Mohop vegan shoes 'High Ankle Cuff' vegan heels
Mohop ‘High Ankle Cuff’ heels


7. Vegan Style

Not a brand per se, but an e-commerce site catering to vegan fashion lovers. Its wide selection of unisex boots, sneakers, oxfords, derbies, sandals, wedges, pumps, and thongs are guaranteed cruelty-free (vegan), fairly made, ecologically responsible, high-quality and last but definitely not least, stylish! So if you’re looking for well-designed and beautifully crafted ethical shoes, handbags, and accessories, Vegan Style has got you covered. An easy to navigate vegan online shop for the ethical consumer who doesn’t want to compromise style and quality.

Vegan Style Comfy pull-up boots by Vizzano - Black
Pull-up boots by Vizzano
Vegan Style Bourgeois Boheme - lace-up shoe for women 'Edie' (black)
Bourgeois Boheme ‘Edie’ shoe

8. El Naturalista

Promoting its ‘RIY’ or recycle-it-yourself shoes, this eco shoe brand continues to strengthen its commitment to protect and preserve the planet as a whole. Making each cruelty-free pair, its Waraji and Zumaia sandals come in stylish yet snug designs, perfect for all seasons and occasions. Grab their vegan comfy shoes here.

El Naturalista 'Waraji' vegan sandals
El Naturalista ‘Waraji’ vegan sandals

El Naturalista 'Waraji' vegan flats

9. Inkkas

If you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your outfit and prefer to turn heads then be a wallflower, these Inkkas vegan shoe line are perfect for showing off you vibrant personality. Made from canvas and rubber, when you purchase these shoes, you’re supporting South American families and communities and helping to protect their traditional textiles industry. To learn more about this brand, click here.

Inkkas vegan shoes 'Bluebird Slip Ons'
Inkkas ‘Bluebird Slip Ons’

Have we missed some fashionable vegan shoe brands that you think we should include in the list? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!

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