Green Event Management Strategies: How to Plan a Sustainable Business Event

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Green Event Management Strategies: How to Plan a Sustainable Business Event

No matter what your business is about, there are ways to contribute to protecting the environment even in the smallest and shortest of events. Not only will you stand out among your competitors and serve as a prime role model for future entrepreneurs, but you will also ensure a memorable experience for all those attending the event.

There are several ways you can green up every stage of your event planning, organizing and execution. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective strategies that can apply to any occasion, from a gala auction dinner, to a simple get-together with your clients.

Invitations and promotion

The vast benefits of the digital age allow you to use all the channels of communication that do not require paper usage. For locally organized events, you can call your guests as soon as the venue is booked and ask to RSVP via email or phone at their earliest convenience. Sending out e-vites and social media event invitations will work equally well for international as well as local events.

Sustainable Event Management Strategies - Send e-vites

In fact, posting an online update on the progress of the preparation can entice more people to join and participate, so using the online stream of communication will only get you more engagement and grow your business network.

Venue and transportation

For events that involve a large number of people visiting your office, it’s crucial to enable a safe environment that will not disturb your employees or your guests. Remove all unnecessary accessories from your offices, and arrange refreshments and seating for all your guests.

Acting responsibly and paying attention to their safety is one of the pillars of green business strategy, so make sure that no one gets hurt by proofing your office with non-slippery rubber mats, and secure cables and wires away from the walking area.

Sustainable Event Management Strategies - Green Events & Sustainable Conference

For conferences and other meetings that take place outside of your offices, book eco-friendly venues, transportation services that provide a carbon-free ride, organize carpooling with your local guests or enable public transportation tickets in order to keep their stay as comfortable and green as possible.


Nowadays, many catering services choose sustainability and include details that are green-oriented, such as biodegradable plates and cups, avoiding the usage of redundant packaging and plastic bottles, and they use organic, locally grown ingredients and promote your traditional cuisine, which will support your local farmers and economy and provide a unique experience to your guests.

Sustainable Event Management Strategies - Catering

Ordering the right amount of food and beverages is always preferable, but in situations when you still have leftovers, you can donate them. This way, your event will be environmentally-aware from top to bottom.


In case your guests are staying for more than a single day, be sure to offer a selection of sustainable accommodation options, so that their entire experience will be as eco-friendly as possible. Other elements to consider include the location of their hotels, since the closer they are to the venue, the more they will be able to walk or use public transportation instead of taxi services.

Sustainable Event Management Strategies - Green Your Event

Most eco-friendly accommodations include water-saving installations, they are energy-efficient, use natural lighting as much as possible and they have unique waste regulation strategies, such as separate disposal units and a recycling policy.

Events that are organized in major cities can no longer afford to neglect the waste they can potentially produce, so it’s crucial to implement waste-reducing strategies such as minimizing disposables, plastic and paper use, and coordinating recycling, reselling and donation efforts after the event.

Energy efficiency

With so many available options, you can choose the one that will be optimal for your event and your business. Using solar, wind or water energy to power your event will send a powerful message and at the same time provide an enjoyable event for your guests.

Setting your meetings during daytime will reduce the usage of artificial light, and using LED light for evening events will reduce your energy usage.

Sustainable Event Management Strategies - Green Your Conference

On the other hand, air-conditioning is a great contributing factor to harming the environment, so it would be best to time your events for mild weather occasions and use naturally well-aired venues that will require little to no air-conditioning.

Organizing an eco-friendly event is no longer an impossible task with too many obstacles and difficulties. In fact, an increasing number of services now include environmentally sustainable options due to the growing trend of green events, so the companies that do not think in this direction are no longer the rule, but the exception.

While it might take time and patience to ensure the best possible event in this manner, by taking the green approach, you will raise awareness in your local community. In the business world, you will gain a new reputation and respect from your partners and clients, and you will likely encourage others in your surroundings to invest the same level of effort for their future events.

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