Good Apparel’s Noble Mission to Restore the American Ethical Fashion Industry

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Good Apparel’s Noble Mission to Restore the American Ethical Fashion Industry

The mastermind behind the newly launched brand Good Apparel Kathryn Hilderbrand started her fashion journey at just sixteen where she apprenticed for an Italian tailor. She’s now a fashion business entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience.

Hilderbrand began her own tailoring business in the upper class suburb of Cape Cod known as Good Clothing Company which has since been providing ethical, sustainable, small batch production to local and upcoming designers. Fall River also accommodates a second Good Clothing Company facility.

Good Clothing Company has a mission to re-store the US apparel industry, ethical and sustainable practices and create jobs within the US. The Good Apparel brand initially began with the opportunity to use the sustainable manufacturing facility and the highly skilled team of Good Clothing Company and fulfil their mission.

Good Apparel Collection

Most clothing in the US has a little label sewn somewhere on the garment that reads ‘Made in China’ or other developing countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam where worker’s wages are substantially low. Very little apparel in America actually has a ‘Made in USA’ label sewn on. That’s because in the 1990s, most clothing were moved offshore to take advantage of cheap labour. Now demand is rapidly increasing for clothing made in the USA as consumers seek to support ethical fashion labels.

Combine a lack of American made apparel with a strong passion for ethical, sustainable and capsule fashion, and you’ve got yourself Good Apparel. A brand that focuses on and is influenced by a pure combination of mission and aesthetic.

The brand has executed its vision well: their model of production benefitting employees, the environment and consumers. It’s also resulted in better quality control, creating more jobs in the US, higher wages for employees, less waste and smarter production. 

Good Apparel Collection Ethical Brands USA

Through the appreciation of this particular ecosystem of creator, constructor and consumer, all of which have a strong interest in both ethical and eco production practices, we were able to develop a collection rooted in sustainability.” – Good Apparel

All pieces are ‘capsule’ and are designed to complement each other and also to fit the style of many women. Even though the pieces are made to last for many, many years, style is not sacrificed because of this. Good Apparel is set to release exclusive styles in small batches every 45-60 days and limited edition styles (such as the ‘Limited Linen’ tunic dress released recently) unlike traditional fashion calendars. Doing this avoids excessive waste and overproduction and allows Good Apparel to keep their collections fresh. Everything is created in-house, which in turn reduces carbon footprint and decreases cost for the consumer.

In March, Good Apparel launched their debut ‘House’ collection.

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Good Apparel Collection. Photographer- Shannon Grant

Good Apparel's Mission to Restore the American Eco Fashion Industry

The Good Apparel House Collection Woman is someone who recognises the value and significance of responsible and mindful consumption of fashion. Each style is made with ethically sourced and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, beech tree fibre and eucalyptus fibre, with local textiles often determining the direction, quantity and creation of their collections.

Recently added to their range is two new two piece sets, the “Chambray Collection”, made from an eco-friendly blend of 53% hemp, 44% recycled polyester and 3% spandex. All pieces within Good Apparels range work in harmony with one another and are able to be mixed and matched around as ones heart desires.

Good Apparel Collection. Photographer- Shannon Grant

To add to this, Good Apparel also designs their pants to fit tall women or cater for heels, and does custom inseams to fit them to your personal size.

You may also see Good Apparel partner up with other sustainable business like they have previously with The Moore House Family, who find forgotten homes and transform them into something new and beautiful. Over 80% recycled materials are used that are salvaged form the existing structure. One of the photoshoots for the ‘House Collection’ was shot in a restored cottage in Tiverton.

From the looks of these idyllic lifestyle images, we’d say that this collaboration was a big success.

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