7 Ways to Lower Your Car’s Carbon ‘Skidmark’ and Reduce Environmental Impact

7 Ways to Lower Your Car’s Carbon ‘Skidmark’ and Reduce Environmental Impact

Cars are wonders of engineering but you cannot deny the fact that they are also a major threat to our planet.

Sure they create comfortable means of travel yet they can be held responsible for emitting hazardous substances into the atmosphere. A large percentage of all greenhouse gas emissions come from light trucks and cars. This contributes to air pollution, diseases and climate change.

Not to mention the amount of wildlife killed on our roads and the non-renewable resources it takes to build and repair our roads just to accomodate our gas-guzzling vehicles.

So if you’re an urban greenie or just seeking to reduce your environmental impact, here are some measures you can adopt to reduce your car’s carbon ‘skidmark’:

1. Drive an electric vehicle.

As the name suggests, Electric Vehicles (EV) do not emit poisonous gases or pollute the air while they are on the move. EV cars are built to pose fewer risks to our climate as they do not emit unhealthy gases. Image a car, such as a cab, that travels around 60,000 km per year to emit almost 6 tons of CO2 every year. Moreover, diesel engines are guilty of producing nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide and toxic compounds that coat our lungs.

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On average, a new car can have a mileage of between 10,000 and 15,000 miles a year. If users can lease an electric car, not only they will play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions, they will also save money on fuel, especially if their travel hundreds of miles every week.

Electric vehicles get power from rechargeable batteries that are installed in the car which not just provide power but are also responsible for the wipers and lights to function. These vehicles possess more batteries than a conventional gasoline car. Although these vehicles need electricity to charge, electric vehicles are more energy efficient than conventional cars.

2. Carpool.

Finding car pools or sharing cars with coworkers and fellow students heading the same direction can reduce harmful emissions. There are many car sharing programs that have been launched to help both travelers and the environment. If your workplace doesn’t offer one, why not be the one to initiate it? You all save money and you get to strengthen your workplace relationships at the same time!

Car pooling reduces your car's carbon footprint

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3. Counterbalance your car’s carbon emissions.

Several services will be happy to help drivers calculate their yearly emissions from driving and equalize greenhouse gasses through various means.

4. Walk, bike or take public transport for shorter trips.

Our cars make it extremely convenient to travel but it’s this prioritising of convenience at any cost that’s resulted in climate change. So instead of driving every time you want to go somewhere, consider alternative means of transport. You can also use other means, such as riding your bike or bicycle or public transit or even Uber, which is an increasingly popular way to travel particularly for those who live in the city but still want to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle.

6 Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact - Eco Warrior Princess Infographic

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7 Ways to Lower Your Car's Carbon 'Skidmark' & Reduce Environmental Impact

5. Use car windows.

Take it easy on the car air conditioning and use just roll your windows to keep yourself cool. Wherever possible, park your vehicle in the shade and use a reflective windshield to keep your car cool while it is parked. Doing this helps to makes your fuel last longer, lowering your need to fill the car back up with petrol and reducing your environmental impact.

6. Driving style and car maintenance.

Unnecessary acceleration and speeding wastes both money and gas. Moreover, inflated tires can add to your gas mileage by up to three percent. Using the correct grade of motor oil helps to keep your engine tuned, as small but important maintenance fixes, such as repairing faulty oxygen sensors, can enhance fuel efficiency by up to 40 percent.

7 Ways to Lower Your Car's Carbon 'Skidmark' & Reduce Environmental Impact

Make sure you get regular tune-ups, maintenance, and clear your air filter that helps burn less gas and pollute less. An interesting finding revealed that if all car tires are inflated regularly, almost 2 billion gallons of gas could be saved every year.

7. Rent a Green Cab.

Cars give off a lot of carbon emissions that become a part of our natural atmosphere and make us vulnerable to greenhouse gases and pollution. It’s time to develop a safer method, one that uses natural fossil fuels or alternative energy to help us travel around. One such effort to devise a transport system by using only electric vehicles has been established by The Greenr Cab Company in Malta.

Greenr cab 100% zero carbon emissions
Credit: Greenr Cab

The eco-friendly taxi business also collaborated with the Green Malta Project, a reputed and trusted name that has been investing in recycling ventures. The project supports people to keep all accessories along with plastic bottles in the car so that they can donate them for recycling. Another way to keep our environment clean is by not littering the streets. The service allows users to travel in complete comfort and luxury while enjoying their electric cars for an environment friendly traveling experience.

If you you want to help our world become a clean and beautiful place to live in, finding alternative ways to replace conventional means of transport should be a priority. So what will you do today to help reduce your car’s environmental impact?

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