5 Eco-Friendly Headphones and Earphones for the Music Lover

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5 Eco-Friendly Headphones and Earphones for the Music Lover

Listening to music is an absolutely essential part of the day for most of us. It is a time to relax, unwind, and block out the world around us. Sometimes music helps us in our work, providing background ambience that allows us to focus and become more productive.

Of course, even with music, we still have to watch our impact on the environment.

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Purchasing a pair of headphones that have been made from at least partially recycled materials can really help you to improve your environmental impact. While we don’t have 100% green headphones and earphones yet, these are the closest we have come.


These headphones are made from reclaimed wood, so things like discarded furniture and flooring. The results are beautiful, with hand carved headphones that have a really classy finish. LSTN itself is a company that works with disadvantaged people around the world, helping them to receive hearing aids and much needed medical attention.

'Troubadours' Zebrawood Headphones LSTN 5 Eco-Friendly Headphones & Earphones
‘Troubadours’ Zebrawood Headphones

The headphones themselves are comfortable to wear, with an excellent finish on the wooden aspects. The sound quality is good, providing you with clear vocals and an enjoyable listening experience. After all, even eco-friendly headphones should provide you with a good experience overall.

2. Thinksound

The wood for these headphones is sourced only from sustainable forests. The cables used for these headphones are also PVC free, which has a better impact on the environment. They feature rear wood housing as well, which provides a more natural sounding bass and mid-tones when you are listening to music. After all, wood does possess much better acoustic properties than plastic.

5 Eco-Friendly Headphones & Earphones for the Music Lover - Think Sound
Thinksound Monitor Headphone

The overall quality of sound is superb, with everything working in perfect balance with each other to produce a truly sublime experience. They also fit your head comfortably, offering you a snug fit that won’t result in them slipping off your head anytime soon. A pair of headphones like these that are made from sustainable materials, are certainly ones you should be adding to your wish-list.

3. The House of Marley

The House of Marley manufacture some of the most eco-friendly headphones that you will find on the market. They are made from cotton and canvas textiles, as well as recycled plastics, recycled metals, and FSC certified woods. Every component has been carefully considered so that they have as little impact on the environment as possible, both in production and when they are disposed of.

5 Eco-Friendly Headphones & Earphones - The House of Marley
The House of Marley ‘Stir It Up’ On-Ear Headphones

The packaging is even recyclable, as well as the aluminium used in the headphones. Plus, this is just one of 18 pairs of environmentally friendly pairs of headphones – all of which offer a superb quality of sound for easy listening. In addition to this, the company do a lot of charity work in Ethiopia, so you are supporting a good cause too.

4. Woodbuds

These nifty earphones from Woodbuds are available in six different colours, so there is sure to be one that is just right for you. They are also manufactured in a way that leaves a very small carbon footprint, so you don’t need to worry too much about the environmental impact. All of the wood used for the construction of these earphones is FSC certified, so it only comes from approved and sustainable sources.

5 Great Eco-Friendly Headphones and Earphones for 2017 Woodbuds
Earth Friendly Wood Earphones from Woodbud

The cables are made from bio-plastic, making it degradable and much more environmentally friendly. Even the packaging is eco-friendly as it is 100% recyclable. Many fear that earphones made from natural materials will not be as durable, but this is far from the truth. They are actually much tougher than the average earphone.

This company also works with the Woodland trust, so for every 100 products that they sell, a new tree is planted. The same also goes for other organisations. For every product sold, 1% is donated to a network of environmental organisations. They are one of the best brands to go for when it comes to helping the planet, both in terms of charity work and earphones.

5. Jamboo

These headphones actually first launched on Kickstarter, and they gained a huge following as a result. The earpieces, middle connector, and headphone jack are all made from the highest quality bamboo, making them completely natural. This is in contrast to typical earphones that use plastics for these components. The headphone cords themselves are tied together using cotton threads – a concept that was inspired by nature.

5 Great Eco-Friendly Headphones and Earphones Jamboo earphones
Jamboo Bamboo ‘Stark’ Earbud

In fact, the way in which the thread has been woven helps to prevent tangling, so your earphones won’t become entwined and impossible to separate. They also provide superior sound quality, allowing you to make the most of every song you listen to. Plus, all the glue used it eco-friendly, just as an added bonus.

To conclude…

Hopefully, some of the eco-friendly headphones and earphones here have piqued your interest. It’s up to all of us to try and make the planet a better place in every area we can. While eco-friendly headphones aren’t yet perfect, these brands are the best place to start if you’re in the market for one.

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