9 Low-Tox, Eco-Friendly Perfumes for Natural Beauty Enthusiasts

9 Low-Tox, Eco-Friendly Perfumes for Natural Beauty Enthusiasts

It’s hard to find eco-friendly replacements for common (but toxic) beauty products, particularly at the very beginning when you’re trying to make better sustainable lifestyle choices and trying to work out which is the most relevant ‘eco’ option.

One product that women find especially difficult to replace with a better alternative is perfume, as women often become fond of certain fragrances, no matter how ladened with toxic synthetical chemicals the perfume may be.

So in an effort to help you smell divine without the synthetic chemicals and subsequent health and environmental costs, we decided it was time to feature some eco-friendly, non-toxic perfumes.

Here are some natural and organic perfumes to choose from. We hope you find your signature scent, naturally.

1. One Seed Organic Perfumery

Ranging from oriental, floral to woody scents, One Seed has a selection of beautiful fresh and sweet fragrances that reflect the world in full bloom.

Unleash a world of original organic fragrances, created by hand with the most exquisite natural ingredients. Its fragrances are multi-layered with surprising nuances around every corner. Choose from its variety of fragrances that have its own unique character and dose of inspiration.

And if you’d like to try which among its signature perfumes would best suit you, its travel sample kits are an ideal starting point. Discover its best-sellers and gift suggestions here.

Free Australian shipping on orders over $70. International shipping available.

One Seed Organic Perfume Freedom Eau de Parfum
One Seed ‘Freedom’ Eau de Parfum

2. The Florame Fragrances

Florame has carefully selected the best of nature to create wonderful aromatic compositions to express all the values of traditional perfumery without the need to be cruel to nature and the planet as a whole.

With 25 years in perfumery, this Sydney-based business offers exclusive creations from the expertise of Grasse Perfumer, and highly concentrated perfume essences, are all 100% natural, featuring organic and natural plant extracts and essential oils. It also crafts various cosmetic and skincare products – including a men’s range of products – that are carefully designed to suit your organic lifestyle.

Perfume prices start from $69 for Eaux de Toilette and $84 for Eaux de Parfum.

Florame Eau de Toilette
Florame ‘Irresistable’ Eau de Toilette

3. Tsi-La Organics

If you don’t want to leave your life of luxury for simple clean living, Tsi-La is a perfect choice, offering natural decadence without having to compromise. The perfume brand infuses 100% natural ingredients that provides holistic benefits and ensures its completely animal cruelty-free.

Each perfume formulation houses therapeutic grade essential oils, active plant botanicals, organic fruits, herbs, and even exotic butters. What’s great about this brand is that it can customize your own unique scent through layering its coordinated perfume. You may also opt to use your natural fragrances or preferred organic actives. To learn more visit their website.

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Tsi-Lau Kesu vegan perfume
Tsi-La – Organic Vegan Kesu Perfume Oil

4. Pacific Perfumes

Creating and designing fragrances reflecting the natural essence of the Aotearoa and the Pacific region, it is little wonder that Pacific Perfumes’ original range solid perfumes support eco and green options. The brand is proudly certified cruelty-free and its wooden perfume pots come from NZ Rainforest Alliance and FSC Certified Forests.

The Artisan Botanical Range in award winning packaging, cheeky thrills with Limited Editions, Perfume Oils, Body Lotion & Body & Hair Oil (a feast for your Body) and sensational Soaps make unique gifts.

Perfume oils priced from $22.o0. Perfume sprays from $40.

Pacific Perfumes Organic Natural Eco Perfumes

5. Aromantik

The Australians behind this natural perfume studio understand that natural materials can be expensive, but that there is nothing more awe-inspiring than working with natural materials that come from the earth.

Their products are hand-blended in small batches and contain oils extracted from beautiful flowers, the wood and bark of trees, leaves, moss, aromatic herbs and roots. All perfumes and beauty products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Should you wish to create your own custom brand fragrance, Aromantik can help with that as well.

Prices start from $49 for a sample pack and natural perfumes are priced from $85.

Aromantik 'Strangers in Blood' natural perfume
Aromantik ‘Strangers in Blood’ natural perfume

6. Perfume by Nature

Perfume by Nature is more than just a perfume maker. This Byron-based brand also offers perfume classes where you can enjoy a whole day workshop, covering the basics of botanical perfume design. The package includes a beginner’s kit that contains all the ingredients and the bottles you need during the class which you can also take home to experiment creating your own scents further.

You’ll get to play with a variety of common and unusual ingredients, learn about the historical and aromatherapy uses as well as how each natural ingredient is used in perfumery.

Gain a much deeper insight into the practice of botanical perfumery and where to go from here. Who knows, it can be a start of something big and beautiful for you – a perfume business, perhaps?

Prices start from $25. Sample packs are also available.

Perfume by Nature solid perfume pots
Perfume by Nature solid perfume pots

7. Lush Perfumes

Lush fragrances are made up of approximately 60% natural oils, resins and absolutes. Some formulas are even 100% natural and are formulated to add treatment properties to the products. The entire range is vegetarian with some perfumes catering to vegan and cruelty-free perfume buyers.

The brand’s limited ‘Gorilla Perfume’ is labelled as revolutionary fine fragrance that is inspired by art, music, and poetry. It also has a so-called ‘rebellious death, decay, and renewal collections’ that are influenced by the cyclical nature of life.

Prices start from £14.00. For the Australian version of the Lush website, click here.

The Smell of Freedom Lush perfume Gorilla perfume range
‘The Smell of Freedom’ Lush perfume, Volume 1 range

8. Circle of Life Botanicals

One of Circle of Life Botanical’s satisfied clients left a comment: “When I am wearing your natural perfume oils someone always comments on how good I smell.  I feel good when I smell good!  Your perfumes are natural and unique.

This organic perfume brand must really live up with its words: living with health and happiness. Its all-natural perfume oils are handcrafted in Byron Bay, with a curated selection of high quality essential oils from around the world.

Each ingredient is chosen for its superior fragrance qualities and then formulated into blends to create a range of “tantalizing” roll-on organic perfumes.

Prices start from $25 for 10ml.

Circle of Life Botanicals 'Heartspace' Natural Perfume Oil 10ml
Circle of Life Botanicals ‘Heartspace’ Natural Perfume Oil

9. Aveda Pure-fumes

Aveda’s most popular line of perfumes, Stress Fix, is made from French lavender, lavandin, and clary sage. This natural perfume is sweet and floral with balsamic undertones. It aims to relieve stress and it’s ‘Ecocert’ certified organic! To check out the entire Aveda perfume range, visit their website aveda.com.au.

Prices start from $49.95 for 100ml.

Aveda Pure-fume Chakra natural perfume
Aveda Pure-fume Chakra natural perfume mist
Have we missed an ‘eco’ perfume brand? Have you tried some of the above perfumes? Which one is your favourite? Feel free to share your thoughts with us as your experiences and reviews will help others make better shopping decisions!

Disclaimer: The curated list is based on the writer’s research and does not fully take into account an individual’s set of ethics or fragrance preferences. Before making any purchases, we encourage you to do your own research and recommend using online tools and apps that provide product reviews and brand ratings to help you make an informed decision. You can find a list of the top ethical ratings apps here.

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