8 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants for Your Office

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8 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants for Your Office

Plants are a common sight in the office environment nowadays. Its rising popularity could be due to a number factors:

  • its ability to purify the air,
  • the ways it adds a sense of organic character to a rather monotonous, bland office space,
  • how it creates a luscious focal point in a room,
  • and the ways it promotes peaceful meditation to a rather frenetic day at the office.

However, plants being living organisms need sustenance, and fetching them from their natural environment and into your workspace adds extra pressure on you – the pressure to keep them alive.

This means you will need a working watering schedule as well as other maintenance activities to ensure that plants live as long as it naturally should, which, if combined with your office schedule might prove to be rather challenging.

To find plants that fit into your tiny cubicle where the only source of light is a fluorescent bulb that dangles above your head is the goal. But what kind of plant can survive such a clinical unnatural environment?

Well, lucky for you I’ve compiled the best indoor plants for your office environment and indoor work space. All you have to do is match their characteristics to your workspace, purchase the plants and enjoy the benefits.

So let me introduce you to the indoor plants that I think will flourish in your office setting…


This lovely and very adaptive plant is one of the most desirable office plants on this list. Given that it can adapt to a variety of office spaces from well-lit to dimly lit, with very few maintenance demands.

Its scientific name is Epipremnum aureum and although it sounds quite formal, the plant itself is simple and attractive with fast growing glossy green heart-shaped leaves. Its size also allows it to fit comfortably in small desktop spaces, and even beside your computer.

It would, however, require occasional trimming of its vines which you can then regrow (in a little pot of water for a few weeks until they develop some roots) to offer to friends as gifts.

Pothos plant - ideal plant for offices

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily – known scientifically as Spathiphyllum – has large green leaves which enables it to occupy a larger space than most office plants. It can grow at very minimal room lighting which makes it ideal for office spaces with smaller windows. NASA research has also proven that the Peace Lily improves indoor air quality not to mention that it creates a special focal point in a room.

Peace lily indoor plants for the office

Snake Plant

The snake plant, scientifically known as Sansevieria Trifasciata is another beautiful indoor herb that gives your office space a focal point. With its beautiful sword-shaped leaves that have earned it its nickname as Mother in Law’s Tongue, this office plant can survive in almost any environment. It can stay for long periods without water which is an adaptation quality. It is also well-known for absorbing toxins in the air hence cleaning it.

Snake Plant or Mother in Law's Tongue Indoor Plant for office

Spider Plant

This indoor plant that sports beautiful green and white stripes and small beautiful spider clumps at the end of its leaves is one of the most modern office plants. It has thin and relatively long leaves and is preferably grown in hanging baskets or pots to create the much needed focal point in a rather dull office space. The spider plant which is scientifically known as Chlorophytum comosum is another indoor plant proven to remove volatile organic compound and other pollutants in the air within your office.

Spider Plant Best Indoor Plants for the Office


These indoor plants have a unique quality; they are climbers. This quality gives them the ability to add a sense of height to small areas. Their growing feature makes them ideal for growing in hanging baskets or pots or even filing cabinets. Philodendrons are easy to grow and can stay for long periods without watering making it ideal for office conditions where people are too busy to regularly water office plants of any kind. Philodendrons are also volatile organic compound absorbers including other toxins including CO2.

Philodendron indoor plants for the office

Cactus Plants

This is an indoor plant that succeeds where all else fails. The cactus is adaptively designed to survive in extremely harsh environmental conditions given that it is a desert plant by nature. That means that it can survive for very extended periods in drought-like conditions and stretches of time without watering.

It, however, requires a constant amount of sunlight which makes the cactus plan unsuitable for dimly lit office spaces. It displays a unique sense of organic character as it has thorns for leaves, but with so many varieties to choose from, the cactus plant has several varieties to choose from, with different shapes some of which you may or may not find attractive.

Cactus Plants ideal plants for the workplace

Lemon Balm

This indoor plant is not as common as the rest of the office plants in this compilation but I think it deserves to be on this list. The lemon balm is a herb-like plant that can tolerate office conditions of full sunlight or none at all, meaning it an handle a windowless office space. The lemon balm is well known for its lemon fragrance which is proven to improve mood despite the fact that it does not possess any medical healing properties.

It’s scent and presence brings a scent of calm in even the most stressful of work environments and helps lighten the mood and improves wellness and work productivity.

Lemon Balm indoor plants for the workplace

African Violet

Last but definitely not least is the African Violet. This flowering plant needs a little more maintenance than other office plants on this list. The African Violet or Saintpaulia, produces beautiful purple flowers. It takes up tiny table space thus can fit perfectly on a small desktop. It brings natural beauty in an otherwise dull office space, providing a burst of colour where it’s needed most.

African Violent indoor office plants

These are, however, not all the indoor office plants available to decorate your office space they are a great starting point. These plants provide health and wellness benefits, beautify even the most grey and stark of environments and are ideal for fluorescent-lit and unnaturally lit office spaces. So which ones are you going to decorate your office with?

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