LÖV the Label: An Eco Lingerie Brand By a Woman for Women

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LÖV the Label: An Eco Lingerie Brand By a Woman for Women

When Maike Lüdenbach, founder of European lingerie brand LÖV the Label, worked as an international model she suffered the pressures and consequences of the constant struggle to fit into an imposed physical ideal.

“When I decided to quit modelling for health reasons it didn’t diminish my love for fashion that I had since I can remember. But I knew I wanted to do something more than just create a new product, because really there is so much out there,”explained Lüdenbach. “I wanted to be able to create – even if just in my little world – a space where woman felt comfortable in their skin and maybe contribute to the possibility of helping young girls struggle less with physical appearances.”

LÖV is the Swedish word for ‘leaf’ and the perfect metaphor given that the first ‘underwear’ worn by Adam and Eve and often depicted in artwork is the leaf. So she created LÖV to help redefine society’s perception of ‘good’ ‘bad’ ‘ugly’ and ‘sexy’, designing it especially for girls and women who wish to define themselves as who they want to be and not by what they look like.

Photos by Berta Pfirsich - LOV eco lingerie

Born in Germany and spending her formative years in Spain, Lüdenbach was exposed to different cultures and her designs and imagination are influenced by this cultural diversity. This, combined with her love of nature, lay the foundation to create pieces that look great on all women.

The label nurtures confidence in women, and is what they strive to achieve through their collection. The brand also uses the hashtag #LÖVYOURSELF, a social media campaign to encourage positive body image and help women learn to love who they are.

Staying true to their mission, these images photographed by Berta Pfirsich are also un-Photoshopped.

Photos by Berta Pfirsich - LOV sustainable lingerie
LÖV the Label lingerie SS16 campaign photographed by Berta Pfirsich

The lingerie line can be described as a kind of ‘under armour’; pieces that can be worn under clothing supporting you whilst your on your way to achieving your goals. Perfect for busy and relaxed lifestyles, the bras are made from soft cotton and don’t include any push-ups, underwire or padding allowing the acceptance of the natural female form. Comfortability is also prioritised and is the reason briefs come in a high-waisted cut to protect the stomach and keep it warm.

Made from high quality eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton and incorporating nickel-free materials there is little doubt that LÖV is a conscious lingerie brand. Lüdenbach knew that creating a mindful brand would be tough, but ethical production and eco fabrics were a non-negotiable. Ultimately she took the difficult route, but judging by these images, the risk paid off.

“When you move around the world a lot and are alone in a new place for the first time you realize how much we need each other in everyday life. So every time I meet somebody new who has just moved to town, I always invite them to dinner at my house or out with me even if I don’t know them that well.” – Maike Lüdenbach, in an interview with roocollective.com.

It is this compassion that is also incorporated throughout LÖV the Label, not only in their pieces, but in their mission and their goals. The underwear in a way represents the hope we have for the future and for ourselves, guiding women to accomplishing their aspirations whilst still living an organic life.

LÖV the Label dreams of a world filled with inclusivity, acceptance and cooperation. The pieces exist almost as a silent life partner, following you in the choices you make and adapting to suit the lifestyle you wish to follow. 

To learn more about their ‘Womanifesto’ or to browse the online store, head to http://lovthelabel.com/

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