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Georgia Foley
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I was so excited to start work at Eco Warrior Princess with Jen. I knew this was an opportunity that would only come around once and I am extremely grateful for every moment I spend in the office. I’ve been working at Eco Warrior Princess for over 6 months now and in this time I have learnt so much.

I’ve learnt about the story behind clothing, food, packaging, beauty… everything! To think about the fact that everything comes from somewhere, either good or bad. Before Eco Warrior Princess I didn’t even know there was a bad. From working with Jen, I have formed a strong appreciation for all things ethical, all things sustainable and all things handmade. 

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Through the research I do for the articles I write, I have learned about so many sustainable brands and how they are doing their bit for a better world. I now find myself regularly commenting on the sustainability or ethicality of a product someone may have. When I see an ethical product in a store that I’ve written about in a post, I’ll always tell my mum what the product is and what or who they are helping. Not only is Jen’s passion for sustainability influencing me, I think it’s also rubbing off on my mum. I’ve noticed she’s put eco-friendly hand soap in the bathrooms and, to replace our old, broken Christmas tree that we had to bin, she made her own from a dead tree branch that had fallen onto the ground instead of buying new.

I have also grasped the concept of “slow fashion”, which, before working with Jen, I’d never actually heard of before. The term fast fashion had in the past popped up on Facebook once or twice at the most, but I never understood what it meant. Conducting research for articles and spending time with Jen, I now understand the concept of fast fashion and the true impact it has on the environment and even small businesses.

I do frequently shop second hand, but when I would want a specific trend I would rely on fast fashion labels. I have learnt that it is better to have fewer timeless pieces than to own many ‘on-trend’ pieces.

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From Jen’s extreme hate of people’s littering, I now understand that every action we take impacts the environment in some way, whether it be positively or negatively. We can make a positive impact by taking a reusable cup to a coffee shop or a negative impact by littering. We always have control over the decision we make. I knew I always wanted to do something ‘big’ to help the environment, I just never knew what that thing would be. But what I’ve come to realise, is that you can do multiple easy things each day that contribute to saving the environment. Things like paying attention to how much water you’re using, recycling and composting.

Even the way I think about food has changed since I’ve become more mindful. Before working here, I would eat just about anything. My love of food has not changed, but being exposed to so much information about agriculture and health, I am more conscious about what I’m putting into my body. I’m more cautious about sugar and how much I consume. But not only am I now watchful of what I eat, I am also wary of where my food has come from and how it has been grown or raised. I wonder what chemicals my food is sprayed with and what preservatives I’m eating.


Modelling for the Purple Mango ethical fashion shoot.

From Jen I have learned the true meaning of hard work and where it can take you. I am thankful to have a role model such as her in my life and I love the person I’ve become since beginning work at Eco Warrior Princess.

I will carry all the things I’ve learnt with me throughout the rest of my life. I will be mindful of where products come from and will always see beyond packaging and price tags. I will forever appreciate slow fashion and understand the devastating effects of fast fashion. I will continually possess the understanding that everyone’s actions can affect the environment and always work hard for what I am passionate about.

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