5 Things to Consider When Creating an Eco-Friendly Backyard Garden

Home Gardening 5 Things to Consider When Creating an Eco-Friendly Backyard Garden
5 Things to Consider When Creating an Eco-Friendly Backyard Garden

Boosting your home’s value with a great backyard (or front yard) garden is not something unheard of, but environmental awareness is also something to bear in mind when you choose to upgrade your garden. In that respect, your backyard can help you save both the planet and some money, as well as spruce up your home.

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Organic compost

The best way to keep your soil and plants healthy is to provide them good quality compost. Of course, the issue of toxic waste can rear its ugly head if you choose store-bought compost filled with unnecessary synthetic chemicals, and this is especially alarming for eco warriors who believe that protecting the health of the soil is the highest priority. But, thanks to organic waste and green ingredients, you can easily make your own compost to fertilise your gardens and forget about any potential risks when it comes to using chemicals in your garden.

Patio furniture

Many people claim that there’s nothing more rewarding and relaxing than coming home after a long day and lounging in your own natural getaway. The recent boom in the sale of patio furniture should thus come as no great surprise. So, if you too wish to have your own piece of lounging heaven, but stick to a green lifestyle, make sure to opt for second hand outdoor furniture or sustainably-harvested wood or bamboo patio furniture. It’s both eco-friendly and easy to maintain. What’s more, you can always make it more comfortable and interesting by adding comfy and decorative cushions.

Top Garden Design Tips For Eco Warriors - Patio furniture

Smart lighting

Outdoor lighting for your garden is also an important consideration. Definitely the best option would be installing solar panels or lights. But, if this is not an option for you due to costs or accessibility, LED or CFL bulbs are also great sustainable options. Of course, randomly installing lights is not a smart and energy-efficient way of doing things. Before you get on with this task, make sure to clearly decide on the effect you want to achieve with your lighting and design your garden to suit your outdoor needs.

5 Things to Consider When Creating an Eco-Friendly Backyard or Front yard

Don’t waste water

Water waste is another strong reason for concern among eco warriors. If you want to deal with this issue properly, but don’t want to sacrifice your garden over it, collecting rainwater is a great solution. What’s more, putting up a water heater and painting it all black can effectively heat up your sprinkle system through solar power, without any need for additional resources.

Going through the trouble of setting up a smart water solutions won’t mean a thing if you don’t take the time to actually tend to your garden. Just imagine how wonderful your yard can look with luscious flora matched with aesthetically pleasing and practical grass pavers.

5 considerations when creating an eco-friendly garden

Repurposing instead of shopping

Your home and/or garden sheds are probably filled with things that you don’t use anymore, but simply can’t find it in you to part ways with. Worry not – there’s no limit to what you can achieve with creative repurposing. Therefore, make sure to take a good look at what’s been collecting dust and the way these things can be utilized in your garden.

Plant signs, bits of garden décor, garden paths, plant pots, etc. can all be made to look new and unique with a smart repurposing of seemingly old and useless objects. The DIY process is very amusing as well, and it will make your garden that much closer to your heart.

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5 Things to Consider When Creating an Eco Front yard Garden

Grow your own food

The ultimate trait of a true environmentalist is growing your own herbs and veggies. That way, you’ll be knowledgeable about the quality of the food you consume and won’t have to worry about dangerous pesticides. Not to mention that you’ll step up your financial management since you will no longer need to buy the organic produce you can grow yourself.

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Now if your garden isn’t spacious, you can always make the most out of the vertical garden concept. This is where your repurposing projects can really come in handy, as you can utilise old wooden pallets, large tin cans, baskets, plastic bottles or any other bits and pieces to grow food vertically.

5 Things to Consider When Creating an Eco friendly backyard Front yard Garden - vertical gardens

Love nature and nature will love you back. This is definitely true when you consider all the benefits that an eco-friendly backyard garden can provide. Peace of mind, lower stress levels and saving money are just a few of the gains to mention. Moreover, spending time in the fresh air and eating organic food will boost your immune system and improve your physical well-being.

Doing your bit for the environment while connecting with nature and protecting your pocketbook – it really can’t get much better than that.

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