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5 Podcasts for Conscious Living Enthusiasts

Carpe diem! Seize the day!

This is what conscious living is all about – actively making choices, being in control of your life, steering it to where you want it to go.

Are you living the life that you have always wanted? Does your job make you feel fulfilled? Are you in a relationship that makes you happy? Are you surrounded with people that bring positivity to your everyday living? Do you feel that you lend a hand in making the world a better place?

If you answered yes to all these questions, kudos to you. If you answered no to all questions or to some of them, perhaps now is the time to reflect and think about what you want to do with your life. Do you want it to continue as it is or do you want to live it meaningfully?

Whether you are already living a conscious life, drifting through it unconsciously or simply want to know more, here’s a list of podcasts that you may want to tune into. Hopefully, this list will bring you some peace, health and joy in 2017:

1. The Minimalists Podcast

Hosted by Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus, advocates and authors of several books on minimalism, this podcast is #1 on Health in iTunes. By the end of 2016, it has ranked in the top 10 of all iTunes podcasts.

The Minimalists Podcasts is a great way to learn about minimalism, and how it can help in bringing about a better and more meaningful life. It is available on different formats and channels – iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud and YouTube. What’s more, Joshua and Ryan take time to answer your questions about a lot of different things and share their experiences. Currently, the podcast has 54 episodes that tackle different themes, from decluttering through to using technology and even how to handle criticism.

The Minimalists Baristas at Bandit Coffee - Photo by Joshua Weaver
The Minimalists Baristas at Bandit Coffee. Photo: Joshua Weaver

2. The Good Life Project Podcast

The Good Life Project is a community of GLeePers or people from all over the world who have banded together in shared values, beliefs and aspirations embodied in the GLP Living Creed.  Started by Jonathan Fields – author, entrepreneur, community-builder and teacher – GLP offers trainings for personal and professional growth. Their GLP Radio Good Life Project offers weekly podcasts that provides inspiration on living a better life. They regularly feature artists, entrepreneurs and other guests who provide inspiring stories and insights. Their podcasts are available on iTunes, email, Soundcloud and Stitcher Radio. 

3. The Slow Home Podcast

The Slow Home Podcast is produced by Brooke McAlary, a mom, wife and writer who strongly advocates the benefits of a slower and simpler life. Her podcast is all about focusing on the things that are truly important and attaining happiness.

Brooke’s podcast has garnered the #1 post on iTunes’ Health category. Her podcast guests include other conscious living/minimalism/ethical living advocates such as Jonathan Fields, Jaimee Edwards, Bele Masterman, Caro Ryan, Carolyn Tate, among others.

The Slow Home Podcast - Slow Living for a Fast World
Photo: Slow Your Home

4. The Mindful Kind Podcast

Rachel Kable hosts The Mindful Kind podcast in which she discusses her stories, experiences and techniques on living mindfully and positively. She has podcasts on a range of different themes which include: Mindful Parenting, Care and Support, Moving on From Being Hurt, Strengthening Your Relationships, Using Social Media Mindfully and so on. People with different interests and needs can definitely find what they are looking for in her podcast available on her website and on iTunes.

Rachael Kable, founder & host of The Mindful Kind Podcast
Rachael Kable, founder & host of The Mindful Kind Podcast. Photo: Rachael Kable website.

5. The Rich Roll Podcast

This podcast is named after its host and producer, best-selling author, ultra-endurance athlete and vegan wellness evangelist Rich Roll. In this weekly podcast, Rich discusses all themes related to health and wellness, conversing about different issues and ways of thinking as well as paradigms in health, fitness, nutrition, among others. He usually challenges and inspires listeners to enable them to discover themselves and unleash their best.

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