Online Ethical Fashion Store Bunosilo Pays Homage to India

Online Ethical Fashion Store Bunosilo Pays Homage to India

Based in Kolkata, India, Bunosilo (meaning knit and stitch in Hindi) is an ethically driven, clothing company with a spirit to change the fast fashion clothing industry by producing high quality, handmade, honest clothing.

Khushboo Bagaria is the founder of Bunosilo, who started the company with the need to change the fast fashion and fast lifestyle modern mantra, bringing more mindfulness and positively impacting the lives of communities in need.

A textile design graduate from NID, Ahmedabad, Bagaria enjoys exploring different homegrown textile materials and techniques and also possesses a passion for ethics encircling the needs of ignored and oppressed communities.

Adding to her dream of becoming a known designer, Bagaria aims to help the dying handcraft industry of India. Bunosilo combines these passions and aspirations into something that can help people better their lives.

Hand Block Printed Boat Neck from Bunosilo.


Bunosilo is driven to redefine the local Indian fashion with all garments of theirs being handmade and handcrafted in their home country. A lot of work has also been put in to create an ethical supply chain and revise the most sustainable method of production to be used in order to create the most minimal environmental impact.

The brands portfolio is based on three crucial factors of sustainability:

  • Eco consciousness

Decreasing ecological footprints and utilizing ecofriendly measures

  • Social

          Fair treatment of employees and help in supporting a dying and rare hand craft techniques of                   India thereby, generating employment

  • Local

           Collaboration with local independent designers who support local crafts

Quality comes first, always.

The primary goal of Bunosilo is to provide good quality, well designed, handcrafted clothing for all ages, using traditional hand loomed fabric. Many people incorrectly judge “handcrafting” with ill-fitting amateur styles created in one’s spare time. Bunosilo understands this generalisation and wants to go beyond it, to show customers worldwide that beautiful design always comes first, even if it there is a stigma associated with handicrafts. Handcraft and handmade means more attention to detail, not less. Something people will soon learn, and ethical fashion lovers absolutely “get”.

GOTS certified organic button down shirt dress from Bunosilo.

Design and style is the common language between customers and fashion businesses. Helping people, as we know, comes secondary to the visceral emotions that arise when a customer looks, feels, wears a garment. Let’s get real, fashion is initially about indulging ourselves before we look to help others.

Respect for slow fashion.

Bunosilo aims to prompt the dying techniques of India and create sustainable employment opportunities for communities. The team also aims to provide the local craftsmen with a sustainable living as it is their way of displaying gratefulness to the people who have kept the tradition alive for all to see and feel. All products are ensured to be timeless, purposeful and durable with the specific designs, materials, processes and equipment that are used. Each garment comes with a sense of personalization that can be handed down generations.

All garments tell a cultural story of Indian techniques and an image of sustainable fashion practices. The brand concentrates on merging aesthetics with goodwill, minimizing wastage and having a wide selection of clothing choices to ensure everyone receives their perfect fit.

Hand Block Printed Short Dress from Bunosilo.

They believe in slow fashion, so production happens only when the team receives an order. The made to order model ensures minimal wastage.

The materials chosen are natural and created with traditional craftsmanship and are sourced locally with fair pricing, supporting ethical suppliers and sustainable practices. By sourcing fabrics straight from the weavers and working together with those designers, they are able to capture the artisanal groups from different parts of the country. By also working closely with their suppliers and consumers the ‘middlemen’, who increase costs considerably, are cut out.

For Khadi fabrics, Bunosilo often partners with Women Weave. Since early 2002, Woman Weave have been working towards making handloom a profitable, fulfilling, sustainable and stately income-earning activity particularly for women in rural areas of India.

The artisans employed by Bunosilo are valued for the work they do, with each garment reflecting their skill and passion. Informed consumerism and slow fashion are strongly supported, and respect for artisans is hugely encouraged. Every form of traditional art holds value and uniqueness and should be treasured.

Natural Dyed Khadi Dress

And when you order a garment from them, your name is sewn into the tag. Sewing names on garments is a tradition of large Indian households, done as a mode of identification. Bunosilo believes a simple act such as this gives customers a sense of belongingness and attachment towards the item of clothing and the artisans who created it.

Khadi, clamp-dyed techniques and recycled apparel collections are all available from the Bunosilo website.

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