Going Back to Green Basics: 5 Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably

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Going Back to Green Basics: 5 Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably

It’s more important than ever to be as green and sustainable as possible. Perhaps governments and companies are not doing enough, but that doesn’t mean individuals can’t make a small difference by themselves. Here are five simple and quick ways so you can start living a more eco-friendly life:

1. Turn off the lights

The majority of people will know that most of the electricity generated around the world is not yet clean or green. Solar power and wind farms are starting to get some attention, but less than 20% of British electricity is derived from renewable sources, despite every British cable supplier providing the means to connect these green energy solutions. That means the easiest way to be more eco-friendly is to cut down the electricity you use at home or make the switch to renewables.

Sustainable Living Action Plan: Switch off lights when you leave the room, or better yet install lights that conserve energy automatically. Turn everything off from the power source and be mindful of your energy consumption.


2. Eat less meat

A meat-centric diet is deeply ingrained in western civilization, and this behavior now being seen in other parts of the world, including Asia. But the global demand for meat means that there are increased pressures on farmers to produce meat in a way that hugely increases environmental impact.

Roughly 18% of the carbon emissions are because of livestock and The Guardian recently reported that if people can cut their intake of beef the impact on the climate would be bigger than getting rid of cars on the roads. If you dig deeper into the statistics you’ll see what a massive difference a vegetarian diet can make. Not to mention the fact that it’s probably better for your health anyway.

Sustainable Living Action Plan: Reduce daily meat consumption. You can begin with Meatless Mondays and go from there. You can also swap red meat for more eco-friendly options such as locally raised chicken or sustainably farmed fish. There’s no better way to cut your carbon footprint than by reducing the amount of meat you eat.


3. Switch to DIY or eco-friendly products 

It’s cheaper and greener to simply use home remedies instead of cleaning products. You can mix vinegar and a few drops of olive oil to banish the furniture polish you’ve been using. Eco-friendly laundry detergent and dishwasher soap such as Dr. Bronner’s certified organic and fair trade liquid castile soap, will also go a long way, since these tend to not have toxic substances that damage the environment.

Sustainable-minded women are also choosing to purchase non-toxic beauty items and opting for eco-friendly beauty brands such as Sugar Venom, Miod Skincare and Weleda. Other women are choosing to make their own natural beauty products such as this toner which helps treat acne.

And if you enjoy shopping why not seek out sustainable fashion? Fashion that has been created sustainably has a lower environmental impact and is often made by people who are respected and are paid decent wages. Check out this post that lists stylish ethical brands that don’t break the bank.

Sustainable Living Action Plan: For eco-friendly products and other shopping resource, click here for a comprehensive list sustainable brands and online shops focussing on eco fashion.

Sustainable fashion brand PonyBabe. Credit: Aaron Limoges Photography

4. Reuse old goods

You’ll find a recycle box in most superstores where you can drop off everything from clothes to batteries that you don’t need anymore. But what’s better than recycling? Reducing and reusing! So before you throw anything into the recycling bin, check to see whether you can redesign an old product and turn into something else. There’s probably more than a million ways you could use the glass bottles and empty jars that you don’t need any more. Why send anything to the recycle bin when you could get creative with it?

Sustainable Living Action Plan: Check out Pinterest for fun ways to upcycle goods rather than throwing them into the recycle bin.


5. Spend time outside

The only way to cultivate a greener attitude is to spend more time in the great outdoors. There’s a chance that you’ll find more ways to save your surroundings if you simply spend time outside. Connecting with nature and taking the time to appreciate its beauty is by far one of the most important things greenies can do. It not only motivates you to live a greener life, but can help you understand why Mother Earth is worth protecting and fighting for.

Sustainable Living Action Plan: Ride your bike, hike at national parks, grow your own organic food, head to the beach, spend an hour each day walking in nature. If you’re not fortunate enough to be surrounded by a beautiful landscape and are stuck in the concrete jungle, check out this post for other tips to connect with nature.


Sustainable living has gradually gone from being trendy to being outright crucial. With the recent Paris Agreement, the world seems to be heading in the right direction. More countries and companies are committed to a greener and cleaner future. But individual households can still make a positive impact. Everyday changes like the ones suggested above can drastically reduce your carbon footprint and make a small difference to this humongous problem.

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