Natural Solution: How I Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Acne

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Natural Solution: How I Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Acne

Today I’ll be sharing my natural method for dealing with acne and blemishes. I’ve only just discovered it thanks to Jen (Eco Warrior Princess editor-in-chief). And it’s really very simple. You can make it yourself and use ingredients from your kitchen.

I use:

Apple cider vinegar

Tap water (or rainwater if you collect it yourself)

I drink it as a detox drink and I apply it topically. Here’s what happened after 7 days of using this apple cider vinegar solution…

Day 1:

So I’ve just got home and had my shower. I washed all my makeup off, I have got my one part apple cider vinegar and three parts water ready to drink. As I’m drinking it I get goosebumps from head to toe and dry reach a couple of times as it’s  not the most pleasant tasting drink. I splash some directly onto my face avoiding eye contact. I really hope this works because my skin is giving me some major grief.

Day 2:

This morning I woke up and actually noticed that my skin was not as oily and it had evened out my skin tone. My face doesn’t look so red and irritated. I know in order for this to work it’s best that I go makeup-free for a couple of days but I’m really not that comfortable going without makeup seeing as  I am attending high school five days a week. Regardless, I will continue with drinking the detox and splashing some of it on my face before I go to bed each night.

Day 3:

I am really liking this, I woke up this morning really happy with my skin its calmed down a lot over the last couple of days. Usually I wake up with red lumps everywhere that are really uncomfortable and sore to touch, and my uneven skin tone often looks horrible. I usually have red cheeks and when I started breaking out at thirteen it was annoying to see my whole ‘T’ zone entirely red and I had pimples everywhere. Not just a couple here and there, but full blown acne. It’s really embarrassing and has brought my confidence down heaps. But this apple cider vinegar detox drink and toner is giving me some hope. Despite me wearing foundation every day and clogging up my pores, during the night it works like magic.


Day 4:

My skin is not perfect nor is it clear or fully evened out, but I can honestly say the apple cider vinegar has made a big difference. Aside from the fact that I dread drinking it, it is literally the cheapest miracle I have come across and I’m really loving the results I’m getting.

Day 5:

I am really impressed with this stuff. Nothing has worked for me as good as this. It seems I’ve almost tried every product, every detox drink, every natural home-made face scrub or mask, but this by far has worked the best. And it’s so simple, cheap and effective. Now mind you, my skin is certainly not perfect and maybe it would be a lot better if I went on a makeup strike but at least I see signs of progress. I’m just happy that my face isn’t one big pimply scabby head anymore. Loving this!

Day 6:

What can I say I’m not completely happy with my skin yet I don’t think I ever will be until its smooth and flawless, but I think with the big difference this apple cider vinegar mixture has made so far, I’m confident that my skin will improve so much that I won’t have to wear makeup. Hopefully.

Day 7:

It might be my last day of writing this review but it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop drinking and applying the apple cider vinegar tonic. I intend to continue using this method not only for my skin but as an overall detox.


Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Treatment & Detox Recipe

I recommend this apple cider vinegar solution to ANYONE with skin problems. It’s truly amazing and you can see the results pretty quickly. It’s also cheap and effective. One of the only natural acne treatment methods I’ve tried that gives me effective results, and super-fast! So if you’re interested, I’ll leave my simple method below so you too can give it a try. And make sure to spread the word about this amazing method! Will save people from spending a fortune on products that just don’t work. Wish I had known about it sooner.

Detox Drink Method

Before you go to bed at night – or first thing in the morning – mix one part apple cider vinegar and three parts water in a glass, drink it. You can use a full size glass or a shot glass. Take your pic. I use a normal drinking glass. Now scull it like I did unless you like the taste (I personally don’t).

Acne Toner Solution Method

Before going to bed or after you’ve had a shower, remove all products from your skin with cleanser so that your skin is bare and has no trace of makeup, dirt or grime. Next mix the same parts of vinegar and water again. Splash on your face and try to avoid eye cotton (or you can use a cotton ball to spread it evenly) and let it dry. You can sleep with it on but you’ll be able to smell the vinegar. If that’s a problem for you light a scented candle before lights out.

Do you suffer from acne? What’s your tip for natural treatment? Please leave a comment below and I might give it a try!

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