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Mad Maxine by Eco Warrior Princess

Discarded material, or rather old VHS tapes in the form of a hand loomed bag, takes centre stage in our latest eco warrior shoot.

Sustainable fashion moves away from its flower child past to a post-apocalyptic present, but doesn’t completely abandon its hippie roots emphasised in the earthy tones of the upcycled bag and surrounds.

The shoot location was chosen after spotting used shipping containers from the highway. It’s hard to find a barren wasteland given the rich productive soil of this part of Australia, so discovering those solid metal boxes was a blessing. It is the closest I could find to a desolate desert as can be found in lush country.

While the inspiration for the shoot is Mad Max and its dystopian future, a world filled with barbarity and marauders, there is a longing for something more than just mere survival.

Yes one eventually becomes hardened by the environment they find themselves in, a steely exterior perhaps. Innocence can seem all but lost, but dig a little deeper, stare a little longer, forgive the defiant expression and one can’t help but feel a sense of hope, a sense of humanity.

It’s woven together meticulously by hand and represents the last vestige of caring goodness in a world hell bent on destroying itself.

To delight in luxuriousness in a tyrannical landscape may seem wasteful, but isn’t that the ultimate act of rebellion?






Bag: Purple Mango | Outfit: Model’s own | Earrings: Photographer’s own

Photographer/Stylist – Jennifer Nini 

Model – Georgia Foley

Assistant – Steff Lister

Location – Absolute Shipping Containers & Trailers

Disclosure: Eco Warrior Princess received this sustainable bag as a gift from Purple Mango. We only work with responsible brands who meet our high ethical standards. To learn more about this, please read our disclosure policy.

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