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Duality by Eco Warrior Princess

I live off grid, and off a dirt road.

But I’m not country country. I’m city country.

I’m a cosmopolitan who has learned to fit in a beer world.

I live on a farm but still drive an Audi A3.

I feel safe but I still lock my doors.

I wear RM Williams but still own a pair of Christian Dior black strappy heels.

I choose air dry over hair dry but still use a GHD hair straightener.

I understand polite but prefer brutal honesty.

I live near a cattle farm but I’m a vegetarian.

I’m a DIY-er but only when it’s convenient.

I like brawn but I respect brains.

I can wear the same pair of jeans all week but not a white tee.

I grow my own flowers from seed but still buy nursery orchids.

I use a menstrual cup but apprehensive when I’m travelling.

I live simply but have champagne taste.

I’m a people person but I like boundaries.

I often free the nipples but I’m not a hippie.

I live in the country, but still own a place in the city.

If it were a cup of coffee, my City Country lifestyle would make the perfect blend.







Dress: Synergy Organic Clothing | Boots: RM Williams | Sunglasses: Oroton | Hat: Endeavour Foundation Charity Shop

Disclosure: I received this dress from Synergy Organic Clothing as part of our giveaway collaboration

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