8 Places You Can Shop Sustainable and Ethical Maternity Wear Online

8 Places You Can Shop Sustainable and Ethical Maternity Wear Online

We may live and breathe sustainability at Eco Warrior Princess but we understand that there is no one size fits all sustainable lifestyle. Having a child, or children, is a choice some people make, even eco conscious people. It is with this acknowledgement of people’s varied lifestyle choices and the broad spectrum of sustainably-minded folk that form our readership, that we choose to cover various topics, from veganism to off-the-grid lifestyles and in this case, maternity wear.

Being pregnant may just be one of the most ultra feminine things about being a woman and yet staying fashionably chic during pregnancy can be a challenge – especially for those women who support sustainability and fair trade principles.

After receiving several requests for maternity wear recommendations, we’ve decided to create this list of maternity clothing brands and websites that aim to embrace ethical, socially-conscious and eco-chic fashion. We really do believe you and your baby bump can still look fabulous without compromising on style, ethics or sustainability!

1. Milk + Love

Milk & Love Eco Friendly Maternity Wear

An Australian-based online shopping site that offers sustainably-made maternity dresses, breastfeeding tops and even baby wear from some well-known eco brands, you’ll find all you’ll need during this important period of your life on this site. And this e-commerce marketplace provides you with other supporting information, from what baby books you should read through to what you’ll need to pack in your hospital bag. With a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, you’d be crazy not to check out the Milk + Love website.

Free shipping for Australian orders of $200 or more. Ships internationally.

2. Bamboo Body

Fusing the wonders of bamboo fabric, contemporary designs and everyday comfort, this clothing brand makes bamboo wear suitable for pregnant and nursing moms. Its bamboo pants and skirts have stretchy, comfortable fabric waistbands. Its tops and dresses come in a range of lengths, relaxed fit or side ruching which will accommodate every woman’s growing baby bump, regardless of whether you’re in your first trimester or third.

Free shipping for all Australian orders of $50 or more. Bamboo Body delivers worldwide.


3. Sorella Organics

Former international community development worker Anna McGregor founded Sorella Organics as a way to provide to provide sustainable employment to workers in Fiji while offering consumers better alternatives to maternity wear and sleepwear. This brand uses fair trade certified organic and eco-friendly fabrics so as not to add to environmental degradation as traditional cotton has on people’s health and the environment. Producing beautiful and high-quality maternity tops and dresses, sleepwear, and other wardrobe basics, this is an ideal clothing brand for pregnant women. You can read more about Sorella Organics conscious ethos here.

Free shipping on all orders within Australia. Ships to most countries worldwide. Free international shipping for orders over A$100.

Sorella Organics Eco Friendly Maternity Wear

4. People Tree

Headed by ethical fashion advocate Safia Minney, People Tree is a brand favourite of many conscious consumers as the first brand to achieve Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification on its entire supply chain as well as producing stylish fair trade sustainable clothes for the entire family. Now while they do not exclusively stock “maternity wear” many of the pieces in its women’s collection are loose fitting or made with stretch fabrics and could substitute as maternity wear. Shop ethically made organic cotton clothing by People Tree.

Free standard delivery on all UK orders. Ships worldwide.

people tree maternity wear

5. Top Secret Maternity

This breastfeeding clothing brand boasts itself as the most comfortable, supportive and discreet maternity wear. To Secret Maternity features a built-in nursing bra that gives real breast support – not to mention its exclusive “Privacy Layer”, the layer of fabric that sits between the breast and the built-in nursing bra. The bra cups are made from a sturdy cotton elastane fabric with a soft, brushed back elastic that sits around the torso that likewise lets you feel supported, comfortable and confident.

The brand also has lots of nursing tops, tanks, dresses, sleepwear, and plus sizes to choose from. While it doesn’t specifically market itself as an ethical brand, it is – Top Secret Maternity is manufactured in Australia and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. So if you’re an Aussie wanting to support a local business, this is the ethical maternity brand for you.


Top Secret Maternity is available at stockists across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Free shipping with Australia on all fully priced items. Ships internationally.

6. Mothers En Vogue

This clothing line for expectant moms lets you embrace pregnancy in style and supports confident and stress-free breastfeeding. Championing natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk; and eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton and Modal Mothers En Vogue is a great choice for mindful pregnant women. Some of the must-haves are its chic nursing tops, maxi dresses, sleeveless, tanks and camis, tots, maternity bottoms and pants. Mums-to-be can still be a natural goddess despite the fast-growing baby bump.

Singapore-based but ships worldwide.


7. Maternity and Baby

Intensely passionate about helping pregnant women look and feel fabulous during this very special time of their lives, Maternity & Baby is an online shopping destination that stocks maternity clothing lines that are functional, stylish and most importantly, comfortable amidst mood swings, heartburn, constant peeing and kicks in the ribs!

While not all designs are “ethical” or “eco-friendly” you’ll still find some brands on the website that incorporate eco-friendly fabrics. For example, Boob Design Before & After Long Sleeved Breastfeeding top made from Lyocell and Ninth Moon Maternity’s Bamboo Maternity Dress.

Boob Design Eco Friendly Breastfeeding Top from Mother & Baby

This online store also offers a wide variety of maternity options from formal, casual, workwear, essentials, tops, jeans, sleepwear and lingerie too. And since all its staff are either currently pregnant or parents, everyone understands your needs so don’t be shy if you have any questions. The brand also specialises in baby clothes and accessories that are made from organic cotton and premium materials.

Shipping is free for all Australian orders over $150. For all other orders within Australia there is a flat shipping fee of $7.95. If you require international delivery outside of Australia, you will need to contact Maternity & Baby first so they can calculate shipping for you.

8. Queen Bee

Another e-commerce website that isn’t exclusively “eco” or “ethical” Queen Bee does stock a range of eco-friendly maternity brands such as Amoralia Second Skin Organic Maternity Bra and Native Wilds Multi-Use Bamboo, Nursing Cover Nest. It also stocks a wide range of clothing and maternity support wear made from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo. All come in different colours, sizes and styles helping to eliminate the what-should-I-wear dilemma among soon-to-be green moms.

Queen Bee Maternity Website

We hope this list helps you navigate the tricky world of ethical and sustainable maternity fashion! If we’ve missed a maternity brand that you think should be on the list, please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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