6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Without Drinking Alcohol

6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Without Drinking Alcohol

There are several ways you can have a hauntingly fun Halloween sober. While participating in the festivities is a must in order to feel a part of the celebration and not isolated, you need to choose the activities you attend or host carefully. Here are creative ways you can celebrate Halloween that focuses on old-fashioned entertainment while keeping sober:

Halloween Charades

This is the perfect game to keep your mind busy and off any thoughts of alcohol on Halloween. Take your charades game to the next level by requiring your guests to show up in a costume they’ve designed. Before your guests arrive, write the names of spooky characters and movies on separate pieces of paper. Place the papers folded in a deep bowl or basket. If plenty of friends will be participating in your charades game, make it extra competitive by separating them into teams. Give the team with the most correct answers a plate of delicious homemade treats.

6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Without Drinking Alcohol

Host a Halloween Extravaganza

Hosting your own eerie Halloween party allows you to be in control of your environment. Invite only guests who support you to your holiday celebration. Decorate your party area with smoke machines, carved pumpkins, body parts, orange and black streamers and party balloons. Helium for balloons is a must. Plan ahead, and reserve your helium balloon tank as soon as possible, because they’re in high demand during the Halloween season. Here are other ways to make your Halloween bash successful:

  • Serve Halloween-themed foods and desserts.
  • Offer only alcohol-free beverages.
  • Choose a unique theme for your Halloween party costumes and celebration.

6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Without Drinking Alcohol

Halloween Bonfire

Plan a bone-chilling bonfire for you and your supportive friends in your backyard or rent a spot at a local campground. Set the mood by decorating the area where you’ll be hosting your bonfire with gravestones, body parts and faux bats. Also, hang ghosts and zombies from the trees in that area. While everyone is roasting marshmallows and hot dogs around the bonfire, take turns telling your scariest ghost stories or hold a seance.

6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Without Drinking Alcohol

Choose Creativity

Being involved in interactive activities will not only offer you and friends fun things to make for Halloween and unique things to do, but it’ll also provide you healthy ways to distract from any temptation to drink.

  • Host a pumpkin carving contest at your home. Create work stations that include a pumpkin and the supplies needed for carving and decorating it for each guest. Hand out candy prizes for the best intricately carved pumpkins.
  • Throw an all-night scary movie marathon for you and your best buddies. Serve alcohol-free punch, Halloween-themed treats, flavored popcorn and plenty of candy.
  • Host a celebrity costume party where guests arrive on a red carpet you rolled out for them. Assign someone to take pictures of your guests as they arrive. Hand out awards for the best authentic celebrity costume.6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Without Drinking Alcohol

Give Back

One of the most rewarding and fun things you can make for Halloween are goody bags filled with treats, toys and necessities for children who are less fortunate or in the hospital during the holiday. Contact hospitals, foster care facilities and your local church to get names of children and families with kids who would benefit from your generosity. When you deliver the treat bags to the children on Halloween, nothing will feel as wonderful as when you see their little faces light up when they receive their treats.

6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Without Drinking Alcohol

Pumpkin Bowling

This game will offer you and your guests a lot of excitement and will test everyone’s bowling skills. Set-up 10 empty plastic bottles in an outdoor area or large recreation room in your home. Use pumpkins that are approximately 6-inches to knock the bottles down. Keep extra pumpkins on-hand for guests in case any of them break. Have some simple giveaways for your guests who get the most strikes.

Only you know what you can handle when it comes to Halloween fun that won’t jeopardize your sobriety. Whether you choose to host a costume party or simply have an intimate gathering with supportive friends to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, always do what’s right for you to ensure your continued sobriety.

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