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Eco Beauty Review: MIOD Skincare Light Face Cream

Face creams. I’ve only used a few different types in my life. I don’t go searching for the brand most beneficial to my skin, or the product social media seems to be obsessed with at the time, I pretty much use whatever I can find at home.

Although lately I’ve been watching my skin and being careful with the products I’m using. Even though my skin doesn’t react to products like other people might experience, creams that contain lots of chemical ingredients I can’t pronounce or that are just plain heavy have not always gone as well on my face as others.

Anyway when I saw the MIOD skincare items in the office I instinctively chose the light face cream, as the label promised “a lightly moisturising cream, which will balance, cleanse and help even out skin tone. Wonderful as a day cream or base for makeup”. This appealed to me because for one, I only like to put light creams on my face, nothing heavy. Two, as of late, I have become more interested in properly taking care of my skin. And three, I’ve been searching for the perfect face cream to use under my makeup. This product seems to tick all the boxes of an essential face cream for me, so I was excited to try it.

Day 1

I decided to use the product before bed and in the morning. To apply, I used one pump and rubbed it onto my face really well. The product was thicker than I initially thought it was going to be, but it rubbed in and absorbed well. It smelt nice, natural and was soothing. When I wrote my last product review, I realised I didn’t know much about what types of products are beneficial to my face and skin. I did some research and learnt what not to use on my face, and what to use on my face and why. The MIOD Skincare Light Face Cream had all the essential ingredients and components of a good face cream.


Day 2

I woke up in the morning to a soft, well-nourished face. I applied a BB Cream as my makeup for the day and used the MIOD Natural Skincare product as a makeup base. The BB Cream I use doesn’t tend to last the whole day unless I have a good base under it. I found that this product was a good to use under the BB Cream and I use it all the time now for any makeup I decide to put on. I applied the cream before bed.

Day 3

My skin was feeling really good when I woke up this morning. I’m loving what this cream is doing to my face. Giving it hydration without making it feel oily. This product is working really well as a makeup base too.

Day 4

I have noticed a difference in the way my skin feels. Many moisturisers give me the same effect, but what I really love about this product is the natural ingredients and smell. On the MIOD skincare website, it declares the product to have a “sweet floral and woody fragrance.” Spot on.

Day 5

The cream is doing a good job at balancing my skin. Although it is very hydrating, my skin doesn’t feel oily which I love.

Day 6

I have had no breakouts or negative experiences from using this product and I will continue to use it day and night.

Day 7

It’s been one week since I started using the product and I can’t say anything negative about it, apart from the fact it initially feels a little bit thick when it goes on. Despite this, it absorbs well into my skin which feels quite nice. I don’t even think the product is that thick, it’s just that I generally don’t like the feeling of having products on my skin.

The label on this product says it is suitable for all skin types and I can see how it would be. I recommend MIOD Skincare Light Face Cream to anyone looking for a daily face cream or a moisturiser to use as a makeup base.

Disclosure: Eco Warrior Princess received this eco beauty product as a gift. This is an unpaid product review. All opinions held are that of the writer’s. The views expressed in this piece are her own and do not necessarily reflect that of Eco Warrior Princess. Regardless of whether reviews are sponsored or not, they are free from commercial influence or bias. For more information about our disclosure policy, click here.

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