#LifeOverStuff Minimalist Experiment Week 4: The Kitchen

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#LifeOverStuff Minimalist Experiment Week 4: The Kitchen

Since I thought up the #LifeOverStuff experiment back in February, I had hoped that I would finalise the experiment of counting each item in my household within about 7 weeks of starting.

That was a pipe dream. The business has pulled me away from that experiment and in amongst the projects, interviewing team members, training staff, and personal responsibilities, I just couldn’t find the extra motivation to continue. You could say that instead of stuff overtaking my life, life was overtaking my life.

Anyway, this weekend with a heap of farm projects to complete such as tidying, fencing, weeding, collecting macadamias, cracking open the macadamias, and using up produce, I found some time to write. Being stuck at the farm with a rather despondent internet service (we’re waiting to connect to the unpopular NBN on August 31st which promises faster digital connection) has freed up some time to resume this experiment.

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As you will recall, I left the three most difficult rooms to last: the kitchen, the lounge room and my bedroom. Difficulty as judged by the number of items I expect to find in each room.

So continuing on from where I left off, for Week 4 of the #LifeOverStuff experiment, instead of tackling the lounge room like I had planned (as per my Week 3 blog post) I decided on the kitchen basing this decision purely on my belief that it would be the easiest to count.

Now as part of the counting process, I decided not to include perishable food items such as produce, but included products with a shelf life of 3 months or longer. And I also decided not to count two cupboards that belong to my future father in law which is stocked with food grade items and ingredients as he enjoys research and development and is concocting a few products within the health and wellness arena. As these would not be classified as my belongings I have not included them in this experiment.

Nevertheless, it took me about 40 minutes to count the items in the kitchen as I have a lot of cupboards as you can see in the image below.

Life Over Stuff Minimalist Experiment - The Kitchen - Eco Warrior Princess 3

Here are some interesting figures I kept a track of when I was counting:

  • I own 23 drinking glasses including wine glasses. The odd number proves I’ve broken some.
  • I own 27 cups and mugs (a mix of ones I’ve collected over the years and some that were op-shop purchased)
  • I own 52 plates (most were purchased in December last year from charity stores as we hosted Christmas lunch)
  • I have 61 egg cartons to reuse (we live on a farm and own two chooks, why I have 61 egg cartons is a mystery)

The final result.

The total number of items found in my kitchen: 836

The items that contributed most to the final figure:

  • A box of 100 plastic zip-lock sandwich bags
  • 3 x rolls of 30 rubbish bin liners
  • 150 BBQ skewers
  • 92 pieces of utensils

So cumulative totals for this #LifeOverStuff experiment, here’s how I’m doing:

Bathroom: 173

Laundry: 2200

Spare room: 233

Kitchen: 836

Total: 3,442 items

I’m not sure how I feel about this number. On the one hand I am happy that it is nowhere near the American minimum of 30,000 items, but on the other hand, it is extraordinarily high for a self-professed minimalist, particularly when I read that some minimalists own 100 items or less.

Anyway, let’s see how we go with the remaining two rooms. I don’t want to pass any judgements on myself until I’ve finished the experiment. Stay tuned for Week 5. Totally dreading.

Are you following along with this experiment? What’s your cumulative total so far? Or have you given up completely? Feel free to share your story in the comments below.


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