9 Green Gift Ideas for Father’s Day: Eco-Friendly Presents for Deserving Dads

9 Green Gift Ideas for Father’s Day: Eco-Friendly Presents for Deserving Dads

This Sunday is Father’s Day, the day we celebrate the “first man in our lives”.

While we believe you shouldn’t have to wait until Father’s Day to show dad just how much you appreciate him, Father’s Day provides a great opportunity to show gestures of love and gratitude to the man that loves us conditionally – particularly if you’ve been slack and haven’t made enough of an effort through the year.

And if you’re reading this, no doubt you’ve left it to the last minute to find him a gift too!

So to come to your rescue, here are some wonderful earth-friendly and ethical gift suggestions for your dad, Dada, Papa, or Hubby.

1. Socks and Jocks from Boody 

What dad doesn’t need a good a pair of socks and jocks? Boody’s collection of bamboo eco wear is a great gift idea as it doesn’t cost the earth (prices start from A$8.95) and it’s responsibly-made. There’s a selection of comfy boxers and socks for all occasions – whether he’s off to work, playing sport, or heading to a business meeting, you’ll find an affordable and practical gift at Boody. To shop their collection, visit their website.

Boody eco menswear

2. Ethical Menswear

This is cheating a bit but instead of making a product suggestion, we recommend you check out our post Move Over Ladies: Our Top 10 Ethical Fashion Brands for Men for great ethical menswear options from wonderful brands such as Cameron & James, Knowledge Cotton Apparel and Apolis. From casual wear through to formal wear, you’ll find a wide range of blazers, sweaters, shirts, tees, knits, polo and pants to cater to the fashion needs of your dad.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel ethical mens clothing

3. D&T All-Natural Beauty & Hair Care Products

Premium organic beauty, hair and skin care items that are naturally crafted to help cultivate your dad’s “manhood”… errr, manhood meaning beard NOT, you know. Anyway, D&T have funky kits, organic hair growth enhancers, shampoos, beard and hair balms and much more. So if you want to help your dad out in the vanity department, make sure to choose D&T. You can shop their men’s organic beauty range here.

D&T organic vegan products for men
Credit: D&T

4. Sunglasses from Topheads Eyewear

This Australian brand offers some of the best eco sunglasses and eyewear that are made with recycled, reclaimed and natural materials such as bamboo, bioplastic, wood and even recycled skateboard decks. Its collections are ideal for those adventurous men who enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, love travelling, and being outdoors.

Tip: Make sure to check out our curated list of eco-friendly sunglasses if you’re after glasses for yourself too!

Topheads eco sunglasses
Credit: Topheads

5. Matt & Nat Vegan Multi-Function Bags

These vegan backpacks, briefcases, messenger bags, cross body bags, and even organizers are rated A+ in terms of style, so if you want your dad to look fashionable, check out Matt & Nat’s bags for menA word of warning, your shopping for him not for you!

Matt & Nat vegan mens bags
Credit: Matt & Nat

6. Vanessa Megan Non-Toxic Fragrances for Men

Choosing the best all-natural cologne for men is a challenge as you don’t want dad to smell intensely woody but you also don’t want him smelling too feminine. You just want the magic of this organic process: “the perfume rightfully blends with the body’s natural scent,” which will create a nice aroma.

That’s where Vanessa Megan’s fragrances for men comes in. Discover new scents here. This is an exquisite collection of natural perfumes and colognes, infused with carefully selected certified organic essential oils.

The Organic Project eco-friendly non-toxic perfume cologne
Credit: The Organic Project

7. Men’s Shoes by Vegan Style 

Vegan Style shoes and footwear are artistically crafted with love for people, animals and the environment. If you dad’s in need of a cool pair of shoes, you’ll find them here. Choose from a wide range of vegan sneakers, high tops, slipons, sandals, boots and oxfords. Visit the eco-friendly shop here.

vegan style mens shoes

8. Caps, Beanies and Hats by Gypsy & LoLo

Wanting to make its clients feel good while they also do good, Gypsy & Lolo inspires people to share in the possibility of a sustainable future by supporting local manufacturers and using upcycled and recycled fabrics. Buying its caps and belts can also be your way to not just surprise your dad or husband but also give back to social causes. See its collections of hand-made apparels and accessories for men here.

Gypsy & Lolo ethical beanies, caps and hats
Credit: Gypsy & Lolo

9. Gourmet Goodies and Recipes from Oxfam Australia

They say that ‘the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ and this is just as true now as it was back then. Satisfy your dad’s or better half’s taste buds by getting him delicious food, such as hearty vegan food, fair trade coffee and scrumptious snacks. Don’t forget to pick out some chocolates for yourself! Stuff your shopping cart here.

Oxfam food and drink range father's day

Remember that whatever you get your father, he’ll appreciate it. As the cliché goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” So put those thoughts to good use, and get something he’ll love that is also considerate of people and the planet.

So what are you getting your dad for Father’s Day?

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