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Eco Warrior Princess 6th Birthday Giveaway

Eco Warrior Princess is the mainstay of the ethical fashion and sustainable lifestyle industries in Australia, if not, the world.

Eco Warrior Princess was launched in 2010. I started the blog focussing on the stuff that matters because I was sick of the superficial and shallow crap on the internet. I wanted to express my thoughts on important subjects and yearned for deep conversations with people who were making a positive difference and leading by example in their own lives.

It was quiet at first. It seemed as though I was only talking to myself. There weren’t many people reading my words back then, just my immediate family and closest friends. But I continued to think, and write and publish, fuelled by strong purpose: to be the change.

Slowly but surely, more people started coming out of the “wood work” and started interacting. I sought them out too, desperate to find people who felt the same as I. And then it seemed the universe answered my wish. Cosmic forces allowed me to attract like-minded people in Australia and abroad also using the internet in a positive and powerful way: voicing their concerns, sharing their stories, advocating for better, lifting up others doing amazing work and giving much needed substance to the global conversation.

Time flies when you’re having fun in a community who give a shit. A couple of weeks ago on August 5, Eco Warrior Princess turned 6 years old.

Incredible milestone, right?

The blog and I have come along way since those humble beginnings and through it all; no matter how I’m feeling, what I’m writing, who I’m interviewing, where I’m going, what I’m doing, you have been there offering valuable support, encouragement, ideas, opinions, comments as well as criticisms.

I am thankful for a community who is engaged, who listens, shares, comments, respectfully disagrees, and debates. But the best part of the community is this: you don’t just sit around and yap all day, you take action. You aren’t just talkers, you’re do-ers.

Jennifer Nini Eco Warrior Princess
At the farm wearing vintage straw hat, Oroton sunglasses and Mata Traders dress.

I’m so fortunate to be in a community who walk their talk; glad we’re on the same journey. Transforming the world is best done together and I’m glad we have each other’s backs.

So to celebrate 6 years as a sustainability influencer, we’re giving away some beautiful ethically-ade products that have been kindly donated and sent our way.

The eco giveaway prize pack.

Here’s what you’ll receive if you’re the lucky winner:

Total prize value approx A$312.95.

A huge thanks to Adore Beauty, Kira Simpson of The Green Hub, Carolina Vergara, Blue Planet Eyewear, Kamea Chayne, Naked Toothbrush, Michelle Stewart of Bohemian Rose and Edwina Walsh of Bamboo Monkey for sending us these eco goodies.

How to enter this ethical giveaway:

It’s super simple to enter.

Just click on the link below, complete the form and you’ll be in the running to win. You’ll also get 2 bonus entries for each friend referred! So make to share with your social network to increase your chances of winning.

You can enter the giveaway here >>>

That’s it. Easy peasy.

Thanks again for all the love guys and may the luck be with you!

xx Jen

Terms and Conditions:

Giveaway is open to international residents.

Contestants must enter using giveaway sweepstakes form/app.

Contestants can receive additional entries by sharing this giveaway with their social media networks using the sweepstakes app (2 bonus entries for each friend referred).

By entering this giveaway, contestants agree to be added to the Eco Warrior Princess database and receive weekly email newsletters. Contestants can unsubscribe at anytime.

Entries close 3rd September 2016 7pm AEST.

The winner will be drawn at random and will be announced on Facebook and Twitter.

The winner will be notified via the email address used to enter the giveaway and must reply with their postal address within 5 business days of notification.

In the event of the winner not being contactable, another random draw will be held.

Total prize package worth approx. RRP A$312.95.

Eco Warrior Princess reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.

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