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Eco Beauty Review: Weleda Skin Food

Editor’s note: Steffanie Lister is on staff at Eco Warrior Princess. The views expressed in this piece are her own and do not necessarily reflect that of Eco Warrior Princess.

This is my first product review so I didn’t really know what to expect, after being given the task of trying out Weleda Skin Food for dry and rough skin, I was also asked to write an honest opinion about it. So I decided to keep a little diary of my experience with this all-body cream which contains 100% natural ingredients including chamomile, rosemary, lanolin and sweet almond oil.

So here are the details of my 10-day journey with this natural beauty product.

Day 1:

It is 8:00pm, I’ve just had a shower and am now prepping my skin to apply the Weleda Skin Food product. I squeeze a pea sized drop onto my fingertips, as I am applying the product to my face I notice it is very thick and I couldn’t work the product over my face with ease. Nevertheless, it was very hydrating. I can smell oranges and fresh plants while I apply the product. After finally massaging it in, my skin now feels very moisturised and hydrated.

Weleda Skin Food Product Review

Day 2:

The next morning, I awake and check my face. I feel the product has given me a break out. I vow not to keep using it on my face and decide to use the product on my arms, elbows, legs and knees, areas of my body that require this type of moisturising product.

It is 8:30pm and I have just had my shower. I have just shaved my arms and legs and they are particularly dry and rough. I apply a decent amount of Skin Food into the palm of my hand because I have a wide area to cover and I remember from my first experience, that the product is difficult to spread.

I apply the product and already the surface of my skin is feeling hydrated and smooth. It takes a while for the product to soak but when it does my skin feels so nourished. Feeling fortunate that the product isn’t “greasy”.

Day 3:

This morning I woke up and my skin felt smooth around my elbows and knees where the skin usually feels rough. It is now 7:30 and I have just had my shower. I am applying the product to my arms and legs again.

Day 4:

I am really noticing the difference its making on my skin it doesn’t usually ever feel this soft and smooth.

Day 5:

I am noticing my knees and elbows are especially feeling better they aren’t feeling dry, rough or wrinkled out.  hydration it has reduced the wrinkle lines in both my elbows and knees.

Weleda Skin Food Eco Beauty Review

Day 6:

My arms, legs, elbows and knees are all feeling hydrated and smooth. I’m still feeling reluctant to use it on my face as I have an oily skin type.

Day 7:

My skin seems to be firming while staying nice and smooth and hydrated. I’ve decided against using it on my face now and happy to use on my body instead.

Day 8:

I’m pretty happy with Skin Food. I use it every night after my shower on the parts of my body that most need hydration. I apply it and then lay in bed so by the time I’ve checked all my social media and read some pages of my book, the greasiness is gone and my skin has sucked up all the nourishing ingredients.

Day 9:

It feels as if my skin has just been through a recovery treatment and been completely rejuvenated. It’s hydrated, it’s smooth, it’s firm – everything you expect from a moisturiser but even better because I wasn’t really expecting anything!

Day 10:

It’s been 10 days since I first started using Skin Food and I’m pretty happy with the results. Although I wouldn’t recommend it as a facial moisturiser to people with sensitive skin – particularly those who are prone to acne – I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a good natural moisturiser to use on parts of their body, such as knees and elbows, or anywhere skin often get forgotten about and is left rough and dry.

I also like that the product has an almost citrusy-like, refreshing fragrance. And although it is hard to spread across the skin, I think that’s the reason it is so hydrating – because it almost clings to the skin leaving a thick layer that gradually soaks in leaving your skin feeling its best.

I would recommend this to anyone with the desire of a product that will hydrate their skin and leave it feeling soft and plush – just not those with sensitive facial skin as they may break out.

Disclosure: Eco Warrior Princess received Weleda Skin Food as a gift. This is an unpaid product review. All opinions held are that of the writer’s. Product reviews – sponsored or not – are free from commercial influence or bias. For more information about our disclosure policy, click here.

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