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Eco Beauty Review: Antipodes Organic Divine Face Oil

Editor’s note: Georgia Foley is on staff at Eco Warrior Princess. The views expressed in this piece are her own and do not necessarily reflect that of Eco Warrior Princess.

I have never used a face oil in my life. The main reason being I have a fear of having overly oily skin, thinking the worst acne of my life would suddenly come about. Of course I use moisturisers but I thought a full on oil was a step too far. My face is clear and of normal skin type.

When I was asked to test the Antipodes Organic Avocado Oil and Rosehip Divine Face Oil I was a bit sceptical at first, not only because this was my first product review, but because I had the idea in my head that products such as these were only suitable for women of an older age than myself. Personally, I wouldn’t waste money on a product I will never use.

The back of the packaging on the product reads that the purpose of the face oil was to reduce the appearance of lines age, spots and scars. So a product like this would have no benefit to a teenage girl with reasonably clear skin right?

So I tested and kept a diary for 10 days to keep a track of product usage and experience. This is what happened.

Eco Beauty Review- Antipodes Organic Avocado Oil & Rosehip Divine Face Oi

Day 1:

I decided it was best to apply the face oil after my shower to rehydrate, as this is when my skin is driest. My first impression of the oil is that it was quite thick, which honestly scared me a little. Even though the bottle has a lid with a dropper which ensures I’m not going to have all the oil saturating my hands and face. The aroma of the oil is quite hard to describe but it is amazing, smelling extremely natural and organic but also soothing. To apply, I put 1-2 drops on both my cheeks and forehead, using gentle upwards strokes to cover my face, then using circular motions to blend into my skin. The oil is so smooth on the skin which allows it to blend well. After this routine I went to sleep to let the oil soak in overnight.

Day 2:

To be completely honest, first thing I did this morning when I woke up, was examine my skin for any pimples. I was scared that because the oil was so thick it would cause a breakout. Although after thinking about it, this product is made from 100% natural ingredients, so why would it? My skin looks completely normal. I’ve decided that I’ll make full use of the product from now on and continue the same routine.

Day 3:

Woke up and my skin feels amazing, as my face is just so soft. The product soaks in really well while I’m asleep. As it’s also winter here in Australia, the product protects my skin from drying out on cold days.

Eco Beauty Review - Antipodes Divine Face Oil

Day 4:

I’m not noticing many changes in my skin apart from the fact that my face is just feeling really hydrated as well quite smooth and soft. My nose peels occasionally and I notice this isn’t happening anymore since I started using the oil.

Day 5:

There are no major benefits to my skin at this point apart from the fact my face is really soft and hydrated. I can see this product being incredibly soothing after a day in the sun or when recovering from a sunburn. I’m still continuing the same routine of applying after my shower and before bed.

Day 6:

My mother seemed really interested in the product when I told her about it. I thought about how it would be interesting to see if this oil would benefit her. As a women in her 40s she has had much exposure to the sun in her life time, as well as having a few age spots and scars. The product promises the reduction of visibleness to these aspects, so I would like to see what she gains from using the oil.

Day 7:

It has been one week and I haven’t yet had a break out, so I admit I was scared over nothing. My face has benefitted from the oil and I feel this is a good product to use in winter when skin is especially dry.

Green Beauty Review - Antipodes Divine Face Oil

Day 8:

I’m finding it hard to write more about this product because the only benefit I’ve gained from using the oil is hydration to my face. I can’t say anything negative about the product only that it may be best suited to someone older than me.

Day 9:

There are still no major changes to my skin, except that my face is evidently softer than it has ever been.

Day 10:

After 10 days the bottle is still as full as when I opened it. I can tell this product will last a very long time.

Overall my impression was that Antipodes Divine Face Oil in Organic Avocado and Rosehip was a soothing oil to have on my face. The oil itself was quite thick although it didn’t feel that way. The smell was my favourite part of using the oil as it was simple, calming and natural. I guess I made it pretty clear that my skin benefitted from using the oil in the sense that it was kept hydrated and was quite soft as a result.

I feel as though women my age would not receive all of the benefits this product and I recommend this product to those of an older age. I’ll give the rest of the product to my mum. I think she’ll love it.

Disclosure: Eco Warrior Princess received this green beauty product as a gift. This is an unpaid product review. All opinions held are that of the writer’s. Whether reviews are sponsored or not, they are free from commercial influence or bias. For more information about our disclosure policy, click here.

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