Boody Bamboo Eco Clothing

Boody Bamboo Eco Clothing

You’re probably thinking:

Why the heck did Eco Warrior Princess add a bamboo clothing brand to its Eco Directory!?

Keep calm, let me explain.

For one, Boody doesn’t hide behind the “eco” qualities of bamboo. The brand knows that measuring an eco-footprint from bamboo is complex given that the manufacturing process involves using a chemical solution to turn it into a fibre.

But they also know there is no such thing as a 100% sustainable fabric so they aren’t afraid to admit that the fabric is bamboo viscose and they label all their garments and packaging it accordingly.

They are still just as passionate about having the lowest possible environmental footprint for both their garments and supply chain and are tirelessly re-assessing their processes and ensuring that their supply chain is ethical and fully transparent. Something that I highly value in all businesses.

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The other good news about Boody products is that it leaves no residual chemicals in the fabric after the bamboo process. The yarn is Oeko-Tex 100 certified and carries the “Confidence in Textiles” certification which attests that there are no harmful chemicals or toxins found, nor does it contain trace chemicals that pose any health threat whatsoever.

The business is committed to producing high-quality products, with a focus on sustainable materials and practices. Boody‘s bamboo is EcoCert certified, which means that bamboo is grown organically using no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides and rainwater rather than irrigation.

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The company also holds a Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production certification which audits and accredits their production facilities as offering fair wages and safe and legal working conditions – so no child labour, no discrimination and comply with all environmental regulations, and respects workers rights. For more information about Boody’s accreditation, check out the WRAP website.

The brand’s factories also have ISO Certification which means they are environmentally aware and recycle all waste and use closed-loop systems when dyeing fabric so that no polluted water is released into the environment. In addition, the dyes are low salt and eco-friendly and packaging uses recycled paper and inks are vegetable based.

Many of you know that I am a fan of the bamboo plant given that we grow bamboo on our farm. I use the term ‘grow’ loosely because it grows itself without any effort and energy on my part. It truly is a highly resistant, hardy grass that grows with little interference. It is drought-resistant, pest-resistant and grows extremely quickly. These are eco-friendly characteristics that are often overlooked and should still be factored in when ‘shopping better’.

In fact, before I partnered with Boody, I had made several purchases because their clothing is basic and ultra comfortable to wear when I’m practising yoga or working out at the gym. Plus if you’ve ever worn bamboo, you’d know how silky smooth it feels. Absolutely divine on the skin. I still prefer organic cotton and keep bamboo fabric purchases to a minimum, but I still haven’t found an organic cotton pair of undies and socks that have the same luxurious feeling. What are your thoughts?

To learn more about Boody, click here.

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