8 Ethical Shoe Brands For the Conscious Consumer

8 Ethical Shoe Brands For the Conscious Consumer

An ethical outfit isn’t complete without a pair of ethical shoes to boot (pun intended).

So we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ethical shoe brands that maximises your look of the day whilst helping you tread lightly on the earth (another pun intended).

1. Matt & Nat

Proud to be a vegan brand, Matt & Nat is inspired by MAT(T)erial & NATure – assuring its consumers that each product lives up to the brand’s simple motto: Live beautifully.

Its sandals, sneakers and oxfords are as functional and weather resistant as they are comfy and fashionable to wear. Striving to design timeless and durable styles, the sustainable fashion brand incorporates several quality control and “wear and tear” tests every season to guarantee resilience and strength in all its merchandise.

Its beautiful collections can now be found in boutiques across Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia, USA, and UK and are also available to purchase online. You can also get free shipping on all order of $100 ore more at Matt & Nat! (USA and Canada only)

matt & nat ethical vegan shoes
Credit: Matt & Nat

Get Free Shipping on all orders of $100 or more at Matt & Nat! (USA and Canada only)

2. Mamahuhu

Sprouted from the shoemaking traditions in Colombia, Mamahuhu believes that luxury and quality shoes need not have pricey tags. The company engages over a hundred artisans, providing them with self-sustaining work rather than the charity philosophy created by one-for-one pioneer TOMS. A business model deeply rooted in helping communities socially thrive on their own merits, work pride and sense of accomplishment.

You can read more about the Mamahuhu “teach a man to fish” philosophy here.

Mamahuhu ethical shoes sandals heels
Credit: Mamahuhu

3. Etiko

Putting the planet and the people first, Etiko sells ethical footwear and apparel since 2005. The business manages to continuously produce sustainable products which has also gained multiple awards and recognition over the years, not to mention its strong advocacy in positively changing the lives of communities around the world.

The uppers of its sneakers are made with cotton that is certified as organic (GOTS) and fairtrade (FLO). Similarly, the rubber used in its footwear is a blend of FSC certified rubber and some recycled materials. Etiko is truly a home of comfy eco-friendly sneakers perfect for your everyday needs.

To browse their range, visit their website. Stocks shoes for women, men and children.

Etiko ethical shoes
Credit: Etiko

4. Gideon Shoes

With its vision, Orbis Terrarum Abeo Vestri Utor, which means “Change the world, enjoy your shoes,” Gideon Shoes is committed to tailor the world’s most enjoyable pair of ethical and high quality shoes, while changing the way how the world looks at fashion and style.

Its handmade sneakers are made of premium materials and out of genuine craftsmanship that is synonymous with long-lasting luxury. Check out their range of ethically stylish shoes here.



gideon eco friendly shoes
Credit: Gideon Shoes

5. R.M. Williams

This Australian company purposefully tailors beautiful leather boots and shoes that are handcrafted in Australia and are built to last. Longevity is what this brand is known for as each part of the boot can be replaced, repaired and fixed. It is why R.M. Williams riding boots is synonymous with quality craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. The brand is also certified with Ethical Clothing Australia.

Explore the brand’s sophisticated masterpieces here.

RM Williams leather ethical shoes
Credit: R.M. Williams


Veja is an eco-friendly sneaker brand developed by Parisians Francois-Ghislai Morillon and Sebastien Kopp. The brand is known for is stylish aesthetics,  fair-trade organic cotton, and sustainably sourced rubber from the Amazon. But what is interesting to note is that the company does zero advertising and relies completely on word-of-mouth since it launched. To learn more or check out their sustainable shoe range, visit the Veja website.

Veja ethical shoe
Veja Holiday Bastille Sneaker $160
Veja men's ethical shoe
Veja Men’s Esplar Suede Shoe $120

Veja ethical sustainable shoes

7. The People’s Movement 

Driven by its strong urge to bring positive change in the world, The People’s Movement was born from the passion to produce shoes and accessories that have chic designs without hurting the planet.

The people behind the eco-brand once said, “We are literally killing ourselves for convenience” – and it makes sense given how disposable modern fashion has become. So the brand produces better, more sustainable shoe alternatives.

Describing itself as an ethical shoe company, it only uses natural organic materials and upcycled plastic, reclaimed from Bali and California, to create its footwear. Unlock its collection of eco-hip shoes and accessories here. The brand caters to men and women.

The People's Movement ethical shoes sneakers
Credit: The People’s Movement

8. Sseko Designs

Founded in 2010, this ethical shoe brand creates various styles including strappy sandals, flats, boots and oxfords. Handcrafted in Uganda, the brand has provided women a chance to work that helps to break the cycle of poverty and empowers them to go to school, help their families and their communities. Check out the entire range of shoes at ssekodesigns.com

Sseko Designs ethical shoes
Sseko Designs Caramel Leather Ribbon Sandals $65.00
Sseko Designs Ethical Flats
Sseko Designs Caramel Crossover Slide

Have we missed some ethical shoe brands that you think should be included in the list? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!

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