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Getting Down to Earth in Tribe Vibe Apparel

Outfit posts.

This word combination, specifically in that order, is enough to send shivers down my spine. It’s common knowledge that I despise having to model for an outfit style post.

But as Eco Warrior Princess is a thriving green fashion website catering to the eco stylish, it is an unfortunate side effect of what I do.

While I bemoan at having to be in front of the camera (“I’m not a friggin’ model!” I yell at my fiance – at each photo shoot without fail – as he picks on my inability to pose, pout, and stare at the camera without fidgeting and blinking) I know it needs to be done.

But let me assure you that it’s not because I fancy myself a model, or that I’m ego-centric, or that I enjoy the glamour of photo shoots. The reason is way more virtuous: to counter the proliferation of style posts by the typical fashion bloggers who push the fast fashion agenda. Quite frankly, we in sustainable fashion, are outnumbered. The fight to win the masses over by making ethical fashion appealing is no easy feat. So naturally being an ‘eco warrior’, I use outfit posts as part of my arsenal. After all, we need to use everything at our disposal if we are to create a fashion revolution.

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So when Alexa Varano, owner of Tribe Vibe Apparel a clothing line based in Denver Colorado, got in touch wanting to build a “symbiotic relationship” and explained that she whole heartedly believes “in varying types of exchanges and agreements and would love to work in a way that benefits the Eco Warrior Princess as well” she almost won me over. But then I get a lot of emails so it’s not just about initial email contact. It usually boils down to the clothes. One look at her fashion line and I decided that it’s grounded-ness suited me to a tee (pun definitely intended).

Being a style chameleon, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of fashion experiments. My style has evolved over the years and it’s reached the minimalism and fuss-free stage – even though many years prior it was off-the-charts maximalism. I actually wore an outfit that combined leopard print, paisley, patent leather and if not for being pegged as eccentric, I’m sure I wouldn’t have pulled it off (sorry no photo evidence, this was before smartphones existed!).

Nowadays I have no time to worry about how I look given the demands of my ethical digital business and the farm. This is why I was lured to Tribe Vibe Apparel’s printed bamboo organic tees. They are understatedly cool; they’re hand cut and hand painted, eco-friendly (of course!) and I can wear them at home, at the office, dressed up, dressed down and even while doing yoga – which they encourage as the spirit of yoga runs through this young brand’s veins.

Eco Warrior Princess - Tribe Vibe Apparel 8
Eco Warrior Princess - Tribe Vibe Apparel 6Eco Warrior Princess - Tribe Vibe Apparel 9Eco Warrior Princess - Tribe Vibe Apparel - Jennifer NiniI chose the Infinity Snake Bamboo Organic Cotton Scoop Neck tee for two reasons. The snake curled into the figure 8 representing infinity is ideal for me as the only tattoo I’d ever seriously consider getting is the infinity symbol on my wrist (more than a decade later, my body still remains tattoo-free). Secondly, I like t-shirts because it represents infinite style possibilities. Seriously, what’s more versatile than a tee?

But of course, it’s not just about the eco-friendliness of said tee. This is a tee that gives back, or should I say, allows the team to give back. As Alexa explains: “Every season we choose a new project to send 20% of our profits to and beyond that we are committed to some tangible, hands on volunteering as well. Our main premise is that we are all connected to the same tribe and we feel that together we can help to preserve our home, this beautiful Earth.”

Hear hear Alexa. Here’s to keeping the eco tribe vibe and planet alive!

To check out the eco-friendly clothing and yogawear label, Tribe Vibe Apparel, head to their website at

Disclosure: This post was was sponsored by Tribe Vibe Apparel. Eco Warrior Princess only works with brands who meet our high ethical standards. To learn more about this paid collaboration, please click here.

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