5 Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mum Is Probably Over Getting By Now

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5 Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mum Is Probably Over Getting By Now

Let’s face it, your mum is never going to tell you when you give her a Mother’s Day gift that falls short.

If you ask her directly, she’ll say she loves it even if she doesn’t, and if you ask her what she wants, you know what the answer will be to that too: “You don’t need to get me anything!”

Mothers can be so selfless that it can be difficult to figure out the best gift for your mum, but one thing is certain: most mothers could probably go the rest of their lives without ever seeing any of the following gifts again.

Mother’s Day Gift to Avoid #1 – Household Appliances

It might be a stretch to say that mum doesn’t want useful gifts on Mother’s Day, but if you are tempted in that direction, make sure that you think about who the gift is actually useful for.

If it is often said, it’s the thought that counts, so remember then when you are giving a household appliance; it could insinuate that you weren’t thinking of your mum at all. It begs the question: what exactly were you thinking!?

So think deeply before choosing household goods as gifts. Is it a useful gift like a pair of SleepPhones that will help block out noise for your insomniac mother? Or a gardening tool that your green-thumb mom will be able to use as she digs through dirt?


Is it a “useful” gift that will remind her of doing housework (that’s not what you want!)? Consider the former and avoid the latter.

Mother’s Day Gift to Avoid #2 – A Bunch of Flowers

It’s not that a bunch of flowers are a terrible gift, but they are a bit generic. They say things like, “I didn’t put much thought into this” and “I only remembered Mother’s Day at the last minute.”

Worse, flowers can actually be a pain because they often need to be moved to a different vase, and then they shed petals everywhere and make a mess, or they wither away and die.

So unless you are giving organic flowers that you grew or arranged yourself, or the blooms themselves hold a special significance for your mum, give flowers a miss.

mother's day gifts natural blooms flowers

If you want to shower her with the gift of beauty and love, instead of flowers, why not get a gift voucher for a pamper session at a luxurious day spa instead? Or a gift voucher for a gorgeous set of ethical pyjamas?

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Mother’s Day Gift to Avoid #3 – Last Minute Brunch

This one depends on your mum, but as with flowers, it can be dangerous to assume that just because going out to brunch is a traditional Mother’s Day treat, it’s something she actually enjoys.

Would your mum really want to get out of bed early on this special day devoted to her, get dressed and fight her way into an overcrowded restaurant that everyone else who also couldn’t think of what to do on Mother’s Day has defaulted to?

Furthermore, one of the problems with these special occasion restaurant days is that they tend to be so busy and the restaurant staff so stressed that you usually don’t get your best meal from them.

However, if you know of a place that your mum genuinely likes to eat at and she does actually enjoy brunch over lunch and dinner, this choice might be a good one.

But as with flowers, don’t bother unless you put some genuine thought into it. The key word being genuine.

brunch mother's day eco-friendly

Mother’s Day Gift to Avoid #4 – A Gift For Someone Other Than Her

Husbands and kids colluding to get something for Mom, take note… This is not the day to try to sneak in that home entertainment system or anything else you’ve been wanting under the guise of it being a gift for her. And for the partners, this includes lingerie.

It’s transparent and selfish, and she’ll see right through it even if she pretends not to. Unless of course, it’s she really wants; really.

But how hard is it to get her something just for her, like a hamper of her favourite natural beauty products, for example?

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Mother’s Day Gift to Avoid #5 – Gifts Lost In Time

Your mum loved playing this game with you when you were all kids! Remember that old fuzzy bathrobe she wore when you were a little kid? Here’s a replacement!? She’ll be so happy to get it again, right?


You might tell yourself these things, but just because you are feeling nostalgic for the good ol’ days doesn’t mean that your mother is pining for it as well.

Not only do these gifts suggest that she hasn’t changed at all as a person since you were a little kid, but they don’t really acknowledge her as a full person who has gone through many changes in the 10 or 20 or 30 years since you associated this object with her. Think about who your mum is now and what she would most like. Wouldn’t she just prefer a bottle of nice wine instead?

wine eco-friendly mother's day gifts

In fact, something indulgent like a bottle of Mother’s Day wine is much more in line with the type of gift you should be giving for Mother’s Day. Unless your mum doesn’t drink. In which case, make her a nice up of tea instead.

Women – and mothers in particular – often have a hard time indulging themselves, particularly when family is usually top priority.

But keep in mind as well that if you give certain types of gifts, you also need to provide the means to make them happen and can explain why you’ve chosen to purchase it.

And just remember that getting the right Mother’s Day gifts is mostly a matter of being thoughtful and considering who your mum is as a human being and not just how she is in the role of mum.

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