Move Over Ladies: Our Top 10 Ethical Fashion Brands for Men

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Move Over Ladies: Our Top 10 Ethical Fashion Brands for Men

While women have a plethora of ethical brands to choose from, men don’t have quite so many.

In fact, the lack of ethical fashion offerings for men is pretty dismal.

Nevertheless, let’s look at the positive: at least there are some that exist!

So we thought for this post, we’d depart from the usual and focus on the men for a change. Here are our top 10 ethical menswear brands:


People Tree is known for it’s women’s clothing range, but what’s lesser known about the brand is that it also caters for men too. Developing the first integrated supply chain for organic cotton from farm to finished products, People Tree is the first organization to achieve GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification on a supply chain of its magnitude. And with a presence in the fashion industry that spans twenty years, this brand is one of those ethical fashion pioneers that you know you can trust. To browse their range, click here.

People Tree Ethical Fashion Men

2. Filanthropic 

The Filanthropic product range is mostly tees and hoodies, but let’s face it – most men live in these items in their down time, and even during work hours depending on the workplace. Its ‘Gear for Dudes’ collection features slim fitting, double stitched t-shirt is made of organic fine jersey and manufactured sweat shop-free in the USA. So for those of you looking for cool and comfy printed tees minus the unethical crap, choose Filanthropic.

3. Cameron & James

It wouldn’t be a list of men’s ethical brands without the inclusion of Cameron & James whom we discovered at the Undress Runways sustainable fashion show in 2014. Designed and produced in Melbourne, this brand holds an Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation. We love the brand for its minimalistic and understated design which is evident in the monochromatic colours and geometric cut. The designs are also androgynous which is perfect for both men and women, but given that clothing sizes do vary between males and females, the brand has now launched a women’s collection – to the delight of our own editor Jennifer!

cameron & james ethical fashion men
Credit: Cameron & James


4. Silverstick Adventure Goods 

This eco-conscious clothing brand is for outdoorsy types who love to explore our natural environment. The brand focusses on high quality garment manufacturing and natural fabric production. Using premium organic cotton, superior raw materials and excellent weaving methods, Silverstick adventure goods are designed and built to last whilst minimising environmental harm. So when you wear any of its sweaters, shirts and hoodies in the great outdoors, you can feel at one with nature without feeling like a hypocrite. 

5. Cock & Bull Menswear

With its variety of collections for men – from underwear, shirts, jeans, jackets, knitwear, and accessories – this independent fashion label is designed and made in the UK using eco-friendly fabrics such as organic hemp. Its pool of dedicated and experienced artisans and producers choose each style, texture, color, silhouette and even the weaving methods. The brand also creates bespoke designs for men.

cock & bull ethical menswear
Credit: Cock & Bull

6. Trenery

From casual shirts and coats, tailored sweats, jackets and suits to bags, hats, ties, scarves, socks, shoes, boots and sneakers, Trenery redefines luxury, simplicity and comfort. With boutiques in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, Trenery flatters itself to its avant-garde and timeless collection, highlighting subtle details, colour palettes and naturally fine fabrics.

7. Knowledge Cotton Apparel 

This brand encourages everyone to “think organic” and “wear your brain”. Believing that organic cotton is woven through our minds and actions, Knowledge Cotton Apparel takes the stance that sustainable menswear can make a difference; not just by looking good but by doing what’s right. After all, dressing for style, comfort and quality is actually about being  true to oneself – sustainably, authentically and unapologetically. 

Knowledge Cotton Apparel ethical menswear

8. Nurmi Clothing

Over the years, this transparent clothing company from Lahti, Finland has created functional clothing and accessories for men – and women – where the “nordic tradition” of minimalism and long-lasting design work in with its sustainability message. The brand is straightforward with its non-compromising stance on producing clothes that are well-designed, high-quality-wise and sustainable.

9. Apolis

Designed to make a social impact through its series of sustainably developed menswear, Apolis has lived up to its commitment to environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Its blazers, striped and plain long sleeves, pullovers, shorts and trousers remain comfortable and stylish for all occasions and seasons. The other good thing about Apolis? It’s B-Corp certified.

One of its signature collections is its new line of chic and fab market bags for men. The guys can actually bring their ‘cities’ with them wherever they go as each bag carries prominent city names that anyone may admire.

Apolis ethical menswear
Credit: Apolis

10. Celtic & Co. 

Celtic chooses only the finest organic and natural fibres such as  for its products giving it that down-to-earth but luxurious quality. This eco-conscious enterprise’s employees adopt fine craftsmanship and attention to detail to bring out the best in each piece – with nearly all designed and made in Britain. Men, and in fact women, can lounge around in beautiful natural clothing, footwear and accessories – without the guilt! (Sorry this is not a brand for the vegan!).

Have we missed any ethical menswear brands? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Disclaimer: The curated list is based on the writer’s research and does not fully take into account an individual’s person set of ethics. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to do your own research and recommend using online tools and apps that provide product reviews and brand ratings. You can find a list of the best ethical ratings apps here.

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