#LifeOverStuff Minimalist Experiment Week 3: The Spare Room

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#LifeOverStuff Minimalist Experiment Week 3: The Spare Room

So the third week of my minimalist experiment #LifeOverStuff is over; an experiment where I count every single household item and compare it with the shameful American average of anywhere between 30,000 – 300,000 items.

Looking back, this would have to be one of my many not-so-bright ideas if I factor the time I’ve spent counting, as well as the time I have spent dreading the count.

Like many of my crazy ideas, I should have thought this one through a little more. But then again, without these crazy stupid ideas, life would be boring indeed. Or so I tell myself anyway.

After the hour it took me to count the items in the laundry, this week I decided to go a little easy and focus on the spare room.

Unlike most spare rooms which are treated like junk rooms, our spare room is where guests sleep when they come to stay at the farm – which is surprisingly frequent despite us living a 3-hour drive from our nearest relatives. 

Anyway, as the spare room is quite bare, it took just under 10 minutes to count the contents – which came to a total of 233 items.

Quite a high number when I consider there isn’t much in there.

#LifeOverStuff Minimalist Experiment Week 3: The Spare Room

What were the items that contributed the most to the total?

The spare room is furnished with your usual double bed and side tables but also a medium-sized cupboard. The cupboard consists of mostly popular fiction books written by some of my favourite authors such as Nora Roberts, Jodi Picoult and Patricia Cornwell. But the books are not the main reason for such a high number of items in the spare room.

Ben’s childhood collection of basketball cards is the reason for the inflated total. As he has had his collection for over 20 years, he believes it’s worth hanging onto for another 20 years. I’m keeping my mouth shut on this decision in case he expects me to get rid of my vintage fashion items.

#LifeOverStuff Minimalist Experiment Week 3: The Spare Room

So at Week 3 of this #LifeOverStuff experiment, here’s how I’m doing so far:

Bathroom: 173

Laundry: 2200

Spare room: 233

Total: 2606 items

Doesn’t seem like much compared with the American average, but then again, I still have three rooms to go – all three also happen to be the largest rooms in the house..!

So the focus for Week 4 of this experiment is the lounge room.

Wish me luck. This is going to be a monster task given that my home office is located in this area of the house and I have lots of bits of paper shoved into the filing cabinet…! #dreading.

How are you going with this #LifeOverStuff experiment? Following along or given up already? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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