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The Stylish Ethical Clothing Brand For Babies and Kids Only

There aren’t many kids clothing brands that appeal to me.

It could be because I’m not a kid, I don’t have kids and kids clothing all tend to look the same – highly functional but pretty dull.

My interest in ethical kids clothing manifests only when I’m faced with a kids birthday invite or other special kiddie occasion such as as christening or baptism. And even then these are painful shopping experiences as there is little on offer. There are plenty of ethical and cute kids clothes, but rarely ethical and stylish kids clothes.

Infantium Victoria ethical kids clothing childrens wear

So when designer Julia Gaydina of Infantium Victoria got in touch with me last year seeking advertisement on our eco directory, I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t want to have to say “no I’m sorry your kids clothing don’t fit in with my aesthetic”. Sounds silly I know, but I’m very picky.

Unlike many other online eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle directories, the Eco Warrior Princess ethical fashion directory is purposely small as we are highly selective about the brands we help to promote.

But one look at the images of the Infantium Victoria organic vegan kids collection convinced me that the brand was perfect for Eco Warrior Princess. An ethical baby wear and kids clothing brand that is well-designed and avant garde (so much so that it is made almost entirely in black) is a winner in my book.

I honestly think anything that is stylish and makes children appear more tidier instead of dirty and messy is a good thing. So black it will be for my kids too… if I ever have any!

So if you want sustainable stylish clothing for your kids that aren’t in the boring pink, blue, or rainbow colours, Infantium Victoria is for you.

5 Minutes with Julia Gaydina of ethical kidswear brand Infantium Victoria

EWP: Tell me about your business…

Julia: Infantium Victoria is an ethical baby wear and children’s clothing brand that offers premium alternative clothing for kids. Our garments are ethically made using European soured fabrics or from GOTS certifierd Indian suppliers. We create the collections from scratch every time and we don’t just exploit new textiles or prints. Infantium Victoria focuses on delivering capsule wardrobe solutions, that could be passed on to your next offspring or friend. That’s slow fashion.

Infantium Victoria ethical kids clothing childrens wear - designer Julia Gaydina

What inspired the idea for Infantium Victoria?

I simply couldn’t find any beautiful black garments made of safe fabrics for my daugther. All the black garments were made of really stinky materials and had terrifying prints on them. All the organic items I found were far form elegant and came in a beige color.

I went ahead and started sewing dresses for my daugther. Then I talked to my friend Dinie, who has been working in sustainable fashion for more then 10 years, and she confessed she had the same problem with finding outfits for her son a few years earlier. So together we decided to make things easier for fashion and environmentally concious parents.

What makes your brand eco-friendly and ethical?

Firstly, we make sure all our materials are certified ecological (GOTS or Oekotex), or are made from recycled materials. We went further to ensure the textiles are cruelty-free. Secondly, we produce our garments in Germany, except for special projects where we source single items to responsible Indian manufacturer. All our packaging and printing materials is made of recycled paper. Last but not least, we ship our products with DHL GOGREEN CO2Neutral service.

Infantium Victoria ethical kids clothing childrens wear 6

How do you personally try to live an eco-friendly lifestyle?

Me and Dinie (my business partner) are both long-time vegetarians. We shop exclusively organic, preferring regional products. Since I became pregnant I’m more interested in the vegan lifestyle, so gradually I stopped buying any animal-based products such as leather and wool.

As for my motherhood experience I am so glad we choose washable diapers. We spare so much garbage! And I started my own garden last year- it’s so much fun for me and my daughter.

And I use my gadgets til they virtually fall apart. Seriously I still use my gen2 Ipod!

What advice would you give to first time mums or mums in general who are looking to go eco-friendly?

If you don’t think eco-friendly fashion is for you because of your budget consider the following:

  • just buy less, 3 rompers instead of 6
  • skip one size when buying (especially first year)
  • as for presents, don’t be shy! Make a list for your baby shower that includes the nice things in it!
  • shop at second hand markets
  • remember organic is way safer then conventional. We have no idea what kind of chemicals have been sprayed on crops and small kids are so pure and fragile.

To browse the Infantium Victoria collection or to make a purchase, visit

Interested in learning how the collections come together? Watch this video:

A final word from Julia if you’re worried about dressing your kids in black…

Black works great for children. If you think it might be too dark, try combining with bright accessories or garments. But just give it a try – you will love it. Promise!

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Infantium Victoria. Eco Warrior Princess only support brands that meet our high ethical standards. For more information, click here.

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