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#LifeOverStuff Minimalist Experiment Week 1: The Bathroom

So the first week of my minimalist experiment #lifeoverstuff is over. 

As you recall from my last post, this is an experiment where I count all my household items and compare it with the American average. The average being a crazy high number of 300,000 items.

Now this is a massive undertaking considering how many items we accumulate throughout our lives (particularly if the American average is anything to go by), so I decided to make it palatable by focussing on just one room of the house each week.

In the first week of this experiment I focussed on the bathroom, counting each item including those in the toilet area too.

I decided on this area first up because we keep a lean bathroom and our cabinet is small so I knew it wouldn’t take too much of my precious time to do the count.

Can you guess how many items were in my bathroom and toilet combined?

Now it wasn’t as low as I would have liked. And it wasn’t as high as I expected. 

The total number of items found in my bathroom and toilet: 173. 

Not as bad as I thought but actually worse than I thought, if that makes any sense LOL!

Remember too that in this experiment I’ve decided not to include permanent fixtures but have decided to count bathroom products that contain items that can be used individually ie. cotton balls, bobby pins etc.

What were the products that contributed the most to the total?

The two bathroom products that contributed the most are:

  • cotton buds; the original packet was purchased 3 years ago and contained 300 cotton buds, there is 139 remaining; and 
  • biodegradable facial wipes that I was gifted by a PR company.

Truthfully, I’m really not sure how to feel about this number as I have nothing to compare it to. It isn’t as if there’s a study on this exact thing.

However a quick Google search brought up a study of 500 women and beauty product purchases and revealed some interesting insights:

  • Women own about £1,964.30 (A$3983.50) worth of beauty products in their bathroom
  • Women only use a sixth of the bathroom products they own
  • On average, women rely on just 11 products which they use on a daily basis and the total value of these items come to just £327 (A$663.14)

Interesting indeed but nothing that can conclusively tell me whether I am better-than-average or just average.

So why not help me out and do a count of your bathroom items? Once you’re done, please leave me a comment on this post with your total number. It may be relative, but I’d still love to be able to make a comparison. 

Tips to decluttering the bathroom

Here’s how I try to maintain a lean bathroom:

I don’t keep my make-up in my bathroom as I keep it in a make-up bag which I often carry with me in my oversized tote bag. In fact, I don’t wear a lot of make-up and don’t own many products because of this. This I believe is the key reason for keeping a minimalist bathroom as a woman.

I also make my own DIY beauty products so I don’t need to purchase toners, masks and pimple creams.

And as I don’t believe in many of the beauty myths stuffed down our throats about acne, wrinkles and aging, I refuse to buy anything even remotely to do with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and anything else that exploits our fears about getting older.

With the bathroom done, the next stop is the laundry. This will be a bigger task as our laundry consists of many cabinets including a large walk-in storage cupboard.

Wish me luck!

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