Free Online Ethical Fashion Course: How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Business

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Free Online Ethical Fashion Course: How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Business

I am a paid member of the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) and have been for several years now because I truly support the work they do.

This global organisation has been at the forefront of the ethical fashion industry and is the industry body for sustainable fashion. It was there for me in 2009 when I began having ethical concerns about fashion. Feeling very much alone at the time, I turned to this organisation’s website for news, research, articles and the chance to collaborate with like-mind people.

Fast forward to today and they are still pushing fashion boundaries; launching a free five-week online course with FutureLearn which explores what sustainability means in the context of running a fashion business. It’ll give fashion designers and entrepreneurs the confidence and knowledge to navigate the competitive fashion industry landscape whilst creating ethical fashion that consumers want.

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What the course covers

Although the course has already begun (it started on the 18th of January) there’s still time to sign up for it.

Here are just some of the topics you expect to learn if you sign up.:

  • an overview of the ethical and sustainable issues faced by the fashion industry
  • goal setting and business strategy that works for sustainable businesses;
  • how your business can provide positive social and environmental impact.
  • how to build a brand strategy with values;
  • how to set up a sustainable supply chain;
  • sourcing sustainably-made fabrics and ethical manufacturers;
  • how to market and promote your ethical brand;
  • how to find customers and sell your products

Each week focusses on key topics that will help you understand how to start up and grow a fashion business.

In addition to being facilitated by lead educator Sarah Ditty, the Head Researcher and Editor at Ethical Fashion Forum, students can also expect to hear from sustainability experts and established entrepreneurs  including: Orsola de Castro, Co-founder of Fashion Revolution and From Somewhere, Ada Zanditon, Creative Director of Ada Zanditon Couture and Co-founder of Ada + Nik, and Riz Smith, Creative Director of Riz Boardshorts just to name a few.

So whether you’re a lone designer just starting out, an existing fashion business looking to implement changes, or just someone who is genuinely interested in the subject (like me) make sure to enrol.

Click here to sign up and fast track your ethical fashion brand success.

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