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9 Sustainable Sleepwear Brands for Your Ethical Wardrobe

A good night’s sleep is something we all strive for, but it can be difficult to achieve. One way is to make sure your journey into dreamland is as cosy and comfortable as possible.

At Eco Warrior Princess, we believe that a restful night’s sleep shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment or human rights.

So here are 9 sleepwear brands to add to your shopping list if ethics and sustainability are a high priority:

1. ALAS (All Light, All Shadow) The Label

This sustainably made sleepwear collection gives you so many reasons not to get dressed. A socially and ecologically responsible brand based in Sydney, Australia; ALAS is committed to providing customers the comfort, the transparency, and the peace of mind they need. Its garments are made from organic cotton, produced with fair labour, and in sweatshop-free factories.

alas the label sustainable sleepwear 2

2. SNOA Sleepwear

Supporting the Center for Biodiversity, SNOA is a sustainable sleepwear brand renowned for inspiring romance and its luxurious and sexy collections. Its entire range is manufactured in the USA and the brand sources the most eco-friendly fabrics. With them, you can bid goodbye to skimpy, black negligees, oversized sweatshirts and lousy ski socks. Check them out here.

3. Sorella Organics

From night slips and robes, nightshirts, pyjama sets, Sorella Organics provides sleepwear and loungewear for men and women. It caters to expectant mothers too. This brand sources certified organic and fair trade materials and manufactures its garments in Australia and Fiji. Free shipping on all Australian orders and free international shipping on all order over $100. For more details, check out their website.

sorella organics pyjamas sustainable sleepwear ethical nightwear

Image Credit: Sorella Organics

4. Mayamiko 

A lifestyle fashion brand, it creates limited edition of beautifully-cut African-inspired tees and tops, lingeries, sleepwear and loungewear that you’d like to wear all-day long. Fashion with a heart, Mayamiko believes that sustainable production should never compromise the quality of its contemporary line, but should add to its exquisiteness and value.

5. Fair Indigo

Promoting style with a conscience, US-based Fair Indigo offers cozy and chic pajama ternos, bedroom slippers and socks. Committed to changing lives by providing employees safe and clean work and fair wages; this organic clothing line continues to create a “culture of caring” with every piece it manufactures. Through its Fair Indigo Foundation, the brand also financially supports education in the communities where its products are made donating 5% of profits and offering customers voluntary $5 donations at checkout. Since 2006 this foundation has been able to improve access and delivery of education, including paying teachers’ salaries, building classrooms and providing computer equipment in countries such as Peru.

Fair Indigo Slim Leg Fair Trade Organic Knit Pant

Fair Indigo Slim Leg Fair Trade Organic Knit Pant

6. Moonbird

Founded by Sydney-sider and former costume designer Rachel Pines, Moonbird brings you beautifully crafted ethical sleepwear. Manufactured in India and Australia, the entire range is made using GOTS certified organic cotton except its jersey strappy and loose tops which contain a hidden support layer made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra and is something the team is actively working on. We appreciate their transparency as much as their ethical designs!

moonbird pyjamas sustainable sleepwear ethical nightwear

Image credit: Moonbird

7. People Tree

A sustainable clothing list wouldn’t be the same without People Tree, who were at the forefront of the ethical fashion industry having been founded by Safia Minney back in 2001. This brand is known for its sustainable and fair trade clothing but it also produces intimates and sleepwear. If you’re seeking night dresses, snug socks and pyjama sets made from Fair Trade certified organic cotton, the People Tree website is a great place to start.

People Tree Stars Robe in Grey

8. Only Hearts 

Attracting “fashionistas” and the environmentally conscious alike, Only Hearts is dedicated towards attaining sustainability with flirty, sensuous sophistication. Its entire range is manufactured in New York City from local, headstock and certified made in green textiles. Seen on Hollywood starlets and IT girls alike, its intimate apparel is designed to be seen (“inner outerwear”). If you’re looking for something naughty and nice, check out Only Hearts.

Only Hearts Ethical Sleepwear

Only Hearts

9. Noctu Organic Cotton Nightwear

Inspired by organic textiles and beautiful design, UK-based Noctu has created a line of luxury night and lounge wear inspired by nature and fair trade. Its signature 100% organic cotton collection is ideal for men, women and kids alike – making them all look “effortlessly elegant” and feel “indulgently comfortable.” Choose Noctu if you want sleepwear that doesn’t compromise ethics, beauty and quality.

Noctu Organic Sustainable Sleepwear

Noctu Organic Cotton Nightwear

Have we missed a sustainable sleepwear brand? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Myraine Carluen-Policarpio

Myraine Carluen-Policarpio

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  • Have you seen our label? We are a small underwear label based in Berlin, Germany. We upcycle our materials from the luxury fashion industry and its many leftovers, turning them into limited edition lingerie that rediscover individuality. Each and every piece is handcrafted in Berlin.

    • Your label sounds wonderful and perfect for Eco Warrior Princess. We are looking to do a piece for Valentine’s Day but haven’t as yet decided on an angle. We will keep your label in mind if it fits in with the article we intend to publish 🙂

  • I’m going to check out the brands on your list, thank you! How about Bhumi? Australian and organic, beautiful products including sleepwear. I haven’t looked into other ethical and sustainable criteria though.

    • No worries Natalie, glad you’ve found the list useful. I love Bhumi as I used to live walking distance from their Toorak store and purchased some gorgeous neutral pillow cases from there that I of course still use. I wasn’t aware they made sleepwear too. Thanks for letting me know. Will need to get up to speed with their sleepwear range 🙂

  • Dear @EcoWarrPrincess, Thank you so much for mentioning SNOA Sleepwear, what a wonderful surprise. We are honored. We will be glad to be featured on your Valentines Day List. Feel free to use any of our images on the website to add a little photo with your post (-:

    • Hi Liliane, thanks for offering people wonderful alternative sleepwear solutions! Thank you also for permission to use your images too 🙂

  • HI, loved the post! I’m a People Tree fan since long time. Recently I’ve discovered Verry Kerry, they are a London based ethical loungewear company. Their kimono dressing gowns are awesome, for both men and women.

    • Hi Fran, yes People Tree has some lovely pieces for people looking to add a little colour in their wardrobe. I haven’t heard of Verry Kerry so might investigate. How long have they been around for and what’s the story behind the brand that makes them “ethical”?

      • Not sure how long they have been around, but I know their pieces are ethically manufactured and they work with upcycling NGOs to upcycle their production waste. They make bags, notebooks etc out of it. On another note, I loved discovering Mayamiko, really cool patterns. Thanks for this post, will be following for more.

  • Hi Jennifer,
    I have a sustainable and ethical sleepwear range called Happiest Girl In The World with an added message/purpose of making a positive impact in the lives of our customers through teaching self love and gratitude. I would love for you to check it out.
    Nicola aka HGITW

    • Thanks for letting me know Nicola. I will definitely have a look. There are so many more emerging eco brands popping up. It’s a positive sign for us in the conscious tribe! 🙂

  • Hi Jennifer,
    We love your articles and your ethos! We’ve a sleepwear company called Cliveden ( and all of our garments are manufactured in Australia using certified organic cotton.
    All the best,

  • Have you met… Bamboo Textiles Australia? 😉
    @BambooTex on all the socials, they have been leading the Bamboo textile industry in Australia since starting up over 10 years ago.
    Sustainably and ethically sourced material with a massive focus on making sure that everybody in the supply chain is treated fairly as well.
    BT have a range of socks, underwear, clothing, bathroom items, and equestrian products, with a bunch of new women’s clothing and bedroom products coming out this year.

    • Hi Baz, thanks for getting in touch. I wasn’t aware of this brand at all. Will definitely have to check them out. Surprising they have not been on my radar and I’ve been operating this site since 2010. Possibly need to do better marketing? LOL! Thanks again 🙂

  • I can see why this was so popular. Having great sleepwear during the holidays is so important. Having them from an ethical/sustainable company makes common sense and everyone is getting even more sleep. Seriously, thank you Jennifer!

  • Eileen Fisher sells her organic cotton sleepwear through Another good brand is Coyuchi. Duluth women’s clothing sells organic underwear and shirt, but no nightgowns yet. Patagonia cotton clothing is all organic, but I don’t think they make sleepwear either.

  • Please check out – we are a not-for-profit sustainable sleepleisure brand based in Bali, Indonesia. Proceeds from our sales benefit empowered women helping children in underprivileged parts of the world receive an education. Through our brand, we’re building an international community of women helping women for the benefit of our planet and it’s children.

  • I am looking for affordable winter pajamas and nightgowns made from organic cotton flannel. I had some Deva Lifewear classic flannel nightgowns, but they went out of business. I love classic plain pajamas like the llbean flannel pajamas with piping, but can’t find anything like that in organic cotton flannel. I need to wear organic for health reasons. I also like some of the Flannel night gowns at Vermont Country Store, but can’t find anything like that in organic. Thanks for any help.

    • Thanks so much for reaching out Juliana. It’s so annoying isn’t it when you can’t get your fave items? Shame the brand closed down. Anyway I’m not certain if any of these sleepwear brands create what you’re after so we did a call out on Insta for some brands to help out so hope we’re able to point you in the right direction. Will keep you posted if any raise their hand!

  • I couldn’t agree more! All of these brands are so beautiful, I just adore them.
    I’m currently keeping an eye on this other brand because they produce incredibly soft organic cotton nightwears that are made ethically!

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