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Jennifer Nini is a writer, activist and the founding editor of Eco Warrior Princess. In 2010, after studying Fashion Business, she launched Eco Warrior Princess to explore her interests in fashion, politics, social justice and sustainability. Jennifer is also the founder of The Social Copywriter, a digital agency harnessing the power of copywriting and content marketing to help mindful businesses reach more people. When she’s not perfecting a sentence or coaching business clients, you will find her at her certified organic farm reconnecting with nature.


  • YES YES YES. Jennifer, this is awesome. Those fashion ‘haul’ videos in particular have never sat well with me (talk about parading mindless, and often harmful, consumerism). I’ve just launched a “fashion blog” of my own where I’m writing about my 2016 pledge to banish fast fashion from my wardrobe and work towards a more ethical, minimal and happy existence.

    Merry Christmas to you – LOVE Eco Warrior Princess. You are awesome 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sophie for your kinds words, nice to read on Christmas day 🙂 I will have to have a look at your blog too as we seem to be on the same wave length! Glad to see another committed fashion blogger join the ever-growing club of conscious people trying to do their bit to bring back the soul of fashion. Just by starting your blog you’ve added another much needed voice and for that I am truly grateful. Merry Christmas!! x

  • I use to follow a few fashion bloggers over the years but I’ve slowly unsubscribed pretty much 90% of them as I just got sick of feeling so bad for not looking like them or having the money they had (or seem to have) or having the clothes they wore. Plus the more I’ve learnt about sustainability and the impact we have on the earth the less I wanted the clothes anyway.

    • Yes it is a relief to learn that more people are looking past the aspirational/luxury/perfect images and getting to the stuff that matters – the writing, the words, the messages being communicated. I prefer reading thoughtful, thought-provoking prose 🙂 Hope you and your family had a marvellous Christmas! xx

  • Hi Jennifer,
    just read this article and really loved it. I blog about fair fashion on myfairladies.net and what I find especially disturbing is that a regular fashion bloggers don’t get criticized at all about always buying new stuff and the environmental and social consequences of their lifestyle. When you start writing about sustainability people look so closely at what you eat and buy and you get criticized for your old shoes just because you didn’t want to throw everything out and buy new fair produced clothes. It’s like double standards those who try to do nothing get applause and those of us who try to do the best they can get criticized.

    Best, Marisa

    • So great to know you enjoyed reading it. When I shared it with my networks it caused quite a stir as you can imagine 🙂 It’s a shame that regular fashion bloggers are praised; but until our wider society’s values change, we will continue to see this pattern. I have hope that things are changing and will change. Since I began exploring these topics in 2009, and began writing this blog in 2010, there has been such an increased awareness. People like yourself who aren’t afraid to share your opinions and views adds another voice to the cause. People may criticise us now, but soon our mindful lifestyle will become the norm and these people will be the odd ones 🙂

      • Yes I can imagine that this was a bit difficult since some people just don’t want to hear that they are sell-outs, that it’s an illusion or costs a lot…. But glad that you had the guts to write and publish it!
        Yes Cheers to that. I’m drinking on the image you painted there where we are the normal ones for wanting more for everybody, for caring about fashion, about us, about nature and other people 🙂

  • This is such an awesome article! I know a former school mate of mine who actually fits the fashion blogger examples you’ve posted. She does impress all our classmates with her exciting NYC living, fashion, etc. While I do enjoy seeing her outfits and posing like a model – it has come to a point where it’s beginning to be a bit wasteful and even superficial. More and more, its becoming obvious she just wants to trend. Super expensive clothes all the time, name brand calling. What’s missing is authenticity. Like you said, smoke and mirrors.

    I’m an artist and do want to get attention on Instagram for my artworks, so I understand it’s normal to want attention. I guess, at least with my posts I don’t have to spend so much money or waste the environment to create something new.

    Great tips on eco-friendly fashion btw. I’m a huge fan of second hand clothes, and really hate throwing clothes away. Donating or selling to consignment stores is more of my thing. Even in Paris, most people there like to shop at consignment stores to create their own individual style. As a stylist friend of mine said – second hand stores give you a one-of-a-kind look. To me, that’s real fashion and creativity compared to most fashion blogs these days (except for a few good ones).

    Best regards!

    • Thanks Ona for sharing your thoughts. I am troubled by the pretentiousness that surrounds fashion blogging and social platforms such as Instagram. To gain attention is fine, we are human after all and we need people’s attention if we want to promote our ideas, concepts etc. It’s not the attention that is the problem – it’s what one does with the attention. If the point of it all is just to feed one’s own ego, or to aspirational lifestyles based on empty consumerism than we will just breed of world of superficiality and narcissism. To get attention and use to it for the greater good, build character or advance the world to make it better is much more noble. And yes I’m all for second hand fashion too! I use fashion as a way to express and there is such a treasure trove of pieces with second hand shopping that helps you express mood, feelings, identity etc 🙂

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