The Future of Fashion Favours the Bijou

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The Future of Fashion Favours the Bijou

Fashion is ever-evolving, and ever-captivating, and while fashion’s beauty is its lack of predictability, there are some trends that we can see happening a mile away. Of course, brand new fashion trends also take time to fully go into the mainstream world. The newest trends that are hitting the world of high fashion involves both veering away from big label fashion, as well as adding an urban, rugged twist to haute couture. Here’s the scoop on how to stay stylish in the next couple of years, at least, according to our predictions.

Turning Away From The Big Labels

Perhaps it’s been the major boom in mentioning major label designers in pop music, or perhaps it’s just been the ongoing way of showing wealth for decades, but for the most of last decade, people flaunted fashion through brand logos. Thankfully, this trend seems to be fading away due to many of the rich and famous eschewing obvious brands for label-free, subtly designed clothing that says more with its unique flair than it ever could with a logo.

It’s The Age Of The Underground Designer Movement

A new twist on the love of designer couture is the new focus on small, boutique designers rather than the big box office ones. This makes a lot of sense, considering the new trend of shying away from major labels. Smaller designer houses make the wearer appear more “in the know,” since it often will take some searching before you can actually find a retailer who supplies certain microdesigners.

Oroceo Castro Australian independent designer
Oroceo Castro collection. Credit: The Dress Collective

Ethics Is In

Starting in the early 1990s when Nike had been found to use child labour in its sub-contractor factories, people became more aware of ethical issues that plagued the designer clothing industry. Things such as the use of sweatshops, the use of fur, or even just the impact that the clothing industry can have on the environment have all gotten into news headlines since then. People are now beginning to realize that ethics are worth paying for, which has in turn created an increase in the amount of ethics-conscious designers.

Continuing the current trend of dealing with designers that use more ethical manufacturing methods for their clothing, our future prediction is that this issue may even become a major deciding factor in what proves to be trendy in the next couple of years. Whether it’s choosing designers that avoid using sweatshops, or choosing designers that repurpose old clothing, this is a trend that we expect to continue to see booming through the next couple of years as well.

Kitx Collection ethical fashion Australia
Kitx Collecton No. 1. Photo Credit: Kitx

The General Trend Continues Towards More Casual Wear

There’s been a pointedly strong trend towards people wearing increasingly casual clothing in a larger variety of situations. What is now considered to be clubwear and acceptable workwear would have been considered far too casual 10, 15, or even 20 years ago. We don’t see this stopping anytime soon – and that’s awesome!

Part of the casual wear revolution will involve a deeper focus on comfort. Considering how huge the yoga pants trend has become, it’s likely that many designers are trying to work on new ways to blend both comfort and style into a nice, neat package.

Future of Fashion - Santorini dress from Designer Forum
Santorini dress. Photo credit: Designer Forum

Fashion Still Remains Unpredictable

Though we can definitely make some educated guesses, it’s hard if not impossible to be able to fully gauge where fashion will take us next. However, from what we can see, fashion is going to have more multifaceted aspects to it than ever before, and to a point, it even may be harder for the average person to keep in the loop. That doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love with the new direction we’re seeing the world of couture take, though. After all, fashion’s all about what you make of it and if you’re into ethical fashion that is timeless and versatile, the future is looking very bright indeed.

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