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Crowdfunding Appeal for Global Sustainable Community Platform, Mymiti

They say that having an idea is easy, it’s the execution that’s hard. And when you have a virtuous idea that is unprecedented, that crosses borders, and is technologically complex, everything hinges on execution. However to execute, you also need to have access to funds, a dilemma that threatens to destroy great ideas before they come to full realisation. Ideas that will make society more sustainable are not immune.

This is exactly the situation that Gard H. Hansen-founder of the world’s first interactive sustainability platform “Mymiti”- finds himself in. “ will be a global platform that makes it fun and easy for people to share their everyday efforts in reducing environmental impacts and where they can recommend new technologies, creative solutions and products to others,” explains Gard. In fact, he decided on the name Mymiti as it’s a combination of “my mitigation” the focus of the platform being the users -individuals, companies, organisations and municipalities – and how each tackles environmental challenges and mitigates climate change.

mymiti world's first interactive sustainability global platform
Why we need

How began

Gard conceived the idea for Mymiti in January 2013 when he was working at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology as a senior researcher on renewable energy and sustainability transitions. Gard explains: “A colleague of mine was talking about doing a project on youngsters, internet, information and climate. I thought it sounded brilliant and started babbling about how smart it would be to make people show and share environmental effort on a dedicated site and so on. I went on for a while, and finally he says, ‘well, Gard, that sounds like a good idea, but I was thinking more in terms of making kids understand the energy cost and climate effect of internet usage.’ ”

Still obsessing over the idea a couple of days later, Gard discussed it with two close friends Tarje E.K. Skjefstad (designer) and Erik K. Kjelling (programmer and Mymiti’s CTO) and in September 2013, they began working to make the platform a reality. To begin with, I assumed making a website like this would be a relatively quick job, but I’ve learned it is extremely complex when you add various functions and login options catering for several users,” says Gard. Despite this miscalculation, the team continued to develop the platform throughout 2014 whilst juggling jobs and families.

It was in the summer of 2014 that developer Ying Li joined the team, having lived in China and seen first hand the effects of smog and pollution, she was keen to work on a project that served a real purpose and that would help empower people. “Through the Mymiti platform, your actions can influence a chain of people, which can turn a small ripple into a big wave. People’s seemingly invisible actions become more visible and encouraging,” said developer Ying Li.

mymiti world's first interactive sustainability global platform

The team interactive sustainability platform app

Each team member is keenly interested in preventing further damage to the environment and using technology as a way to encourage climate change action. Mymiti designer Tarje explains: “My motivation is dual: on one side I want to prevent climate change from doing even worse damage than already done; on the other I want to make something that I will personally benefit from, that is creative, that makes me think about my own lifestyle and where I can connect with people.”

The project received a grant from Innovation Norway however as development work does not come cheap, it still needs crowdfunding help to launch the beta version.

Crowdfunding this sustainable community platform

The Mymiti Kickstarter campaign is now live and ends on October 22 and allows you to make a pledge from kr20 (USD$2.50). By backing the Mymiti Kickstarter campaign, you can receive perks such as eco-friendly t-shirts, reusable jute shopping bags, reflective armbands, an invitation to the launch and even the ability to borrow a private, primitive cosy cabin in Meldal (Norway) for a week.

If you’re like me and don’t need an “incentive” to do the right thing, you can choose not to receive any rewards but you can still have a say in the direction in the project, which is what I care about. “Mymiti is not quite finished yet, so people can still contribute and get the opportunity to influence the development of a small, but important online community from day one,” says Gard.

Mymiti global sustainable community platform app
The team celebrating an achievement of a key milestone. Photo: Mymiti

Why I’m excited about

I belong to many groups on Facebook and Google + and partake in many other conversations on Twitter and Instagram however these conversations are so widely dispersed and fragmented that it is tiring trying to keep a track of them. I’d been wishing for a centralised platform that will help me monitor creative ideas and join in on discussions without having to log in to separate platforms. When Gard got in touch, I could see that would address these problems and will provide even more value. It will:

  • empower individuals, businesses, organisations and municipalities to reduce environmental impact by tracking their progress day-to-day eco-friendly choices;
  • allow users to connect with each other to share effort and inspiration to mitigate climate change;
  • be designed to encourage the sharing of green ideas, creative sustainability approaches and advice on reducing environmental impact (such as eating bugs instead of red meat, tips on reducing waste or going plastic-free);
  • encourage users to undertake environmental challenges;
  • allow users to recommend eco-friendly products such as solar powered iPad and mobile phone charges; and
  • be available for free – costing nothing to sign-up, access and use.

Mymiti kickstarter campaign for interactive global sustainability platform app

Mymiti kickstarter campaign for interactive global sustainability platform app
Mockup of miti map. Search and sort by selecting different causes, project categories, co-benefits, tags and appreciation by other users.

While sustainability can be a serious topic, it doesn’t always have to be. The sustainable journey should also be fun otherwise how else can we get the rest of society to be a part of it? So here’s a blooper video of Gard trying to make their Kickstarter video. Warning: it’s too funny not to watch!

So if you’d like a centralised platform that will allow us sustainably-minded people to connect, track our progress, share ideas and recommend eco brands and products, why not make a pledge to this amazing campaign? Visit to contribute to the campaign and let’s get Mymiti off the ground!

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