5 Simple Ways to Drastically Reduce Your Eco Footprint

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5 Simple Ways to Drastically Reduce Your Eco Footprint

A green home will save you money – and even the best economics professor would find it hard to disagree with you on this one. In its simplest form, green habits allows you to consider consumption and waste, usually encouraging you to reduce both. So being green not only saves you money but also helps the earth and there are consequences to our actions, and with these little steps your footprint on the earth could be reduced. This will allow future generations to experience the world we live in now, rather than trying to rectify our damage.

Generally when we set up a home it is for the premise that we want to make a secure space for our family to flourish. Therefore your children will be ‘tomorrow people’. ‘Tomorrow people’ will be the ones having to deal with how we are acting now, therefore if we want our children to grow up in a world that has clean air, nature, and a world that hasn’t been filled to its core with waste, we need to take action, and also educate others, including our children on how we can be green. As we all know ‘knowledge is power’, and being able to integrate education as to why we need to be green will only help your children adopt this as the norm going forward.

So here are a few ways to be green at home:

1.     Create a homemade compost bin

It is easy to forget we need our garden to be green, so why not make a homemade compost bin from wooden pallets? Okay – it sounds like a lot of effort, but I’ve just Googled it, and most DIY instructions say it takes a few hours (even if you’re really rubbish at DIY!). Not only will it be a fun project to do over the weekend with your kids, it will also be something you use everyday, therefore totally worth the time it’s taken to build. Check out this YouTube video for inspiration:

2.   Don’t want to give up? Choose ‘eco-friendly’

Dishwashers, washing machines and outdoor patio heaters can use a great deal of energy, which can be costly. There is always the niggling feeling in the back of your mind, “do we really need to put the heater on?” By replacing your electrical goods with energy efficient products, it will stop you feeling bad using it. I mean, imagine being on your deck on colder evenings, when you’re enjoying a glass of wine in your green and wholesome garden and not being able to enjoy your heater? Being able to enjoy the outdoors without giving up comfort and convenience is a must in my book. So choosing eco-friendly makes life relatively guilt-free!

3.    Get your gardening gloves on

Now you have your compost, why not plant a veggie garden? Who would have thought? Yes you can use the compost for your veggies (did you like what I did there?).  Personally I think this is a great way to remember where our food comes from, and how easily our crops can be ruined if they aren’t looked after. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy eating fresh vegetables grown with love?green living tip - permaculture and urban gardening

4.    The key word is off!

We’re all guilty for leaving things to the last minute and thinking we have more time than we do. But it takes only a second to unplug or switch off your lights or appliances when you’re done. Therefore, if you can spare the time to check you’ve got your wallet and keys before you dash out of the house, you can take the time to switch off (completely off) the things you’re not using.

5.     From turning it off, to turning it cold

Our household appliances can account for a third of our household energy bill. Plus it’s easy to forget we have more settings on our washing machines than the standard hot wash. A cold wash will do just as good a job as a hot wash for the majority of our clothes. Why not treat yourself to a fancy night out on the money you save on your energy bill?

You’re probably already adopting some of these green techniques at home, but for the ones you haven’t, why not try them too?

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