12 Solid Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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12 Solid Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Green is the colour of life, nature and energy. Green is associated with growth, harmony, freshness and the environment. Have you considered that you could be doing more inside your home to help the environment. Many people are willing, but can often get stuck when it comes to planning what to do. If you have had difficulty committing to reducing your impact on the world’s carbon footprint, you can turn your lifestyle into a lean, mean green machine with the following tips.

Improvements to your home.

Leverage natural light to brighten-up your home.

Rather than depend on artificial lighting to brighten up your home, invest in natural lighting options to create brighter and more vibrant spaces. Options such as such as roof windows or custom skylights can really enhance the interior look and feel in a space.

12 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Carbon FootprintInsulate your home.

To keep the warmth in your home, consider purchasing insulation for your home to maintain the warmth within your home. This will reduce the need to depend on electric and gas heaters to keep your place warm. It will also reduce the amount of time you need to keep the heating on as the heat is less likely to escape.

Turn off electrical appliances and unplug them from the wall.

A simple way to reduce energy consumption is to turn off items that aren’t being used. Even if they are plugged in, they still tend to use energy, especially if they are on stand-by mode. Unplug items and accessories from the wall such as computers, televisions, toasters, kettles and more.

Produce your own food (if possible).

This option isn’t for everybody but if you are in a position to grow your own produce, then you will be doing your bit to help the environment. Whether you decide to grow some herbs or buy a few fruit and vegetable plants to grow in your backyard, you will be able to save on food costs and will be taking away some of the agricultural dependence that leads to increased carbon emissions.

Avoid water wastage.

It is amazing how much water is wasted in our society. From the type of water that we use, to polluting our water and our water consumption habits. We can do more to reduce water wastage by:

·      Using rainwater that is captured in rainwater tanks or gutters to use in your garden or as toilet water.

·      Taking shorter showers.

·      Taking baths.

Reuse and recycle.

Don’t get stuck in the habit of just throwing away things. Avoid disposable items (especially single-use plastic) and seek to reuse items such as cups, spoons, forks, knives and plates.

Support clean energy sources such as solar and wind energy.

You can really help the environment by opting to use clean energy sources such as wind and solar energy companies, rather than the alternatives that use fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Alternatively, you could invest in solar panels for clean and free energy for your place aka off-grid living.


Drive a low-carbon emission vehicle.

When it comes to transportation, driving a vehicle that is low on fuel consumption and emissions is ideal. Better yet, invest in an electric car such as a Telsa.

Ride your bike.

Cut down on vehicle emissions from your regular commute by riding a bike. Local governments and businesses across cities in Australia have implemented incentive programs for people to invest in bikes for their commute to work.

Run or walk. You can even skateboard if you dare.

Alternatively, you can run, walk or skateboard to your destination as opposed to driving a vehicle. You’ll get fit in the process too!

12 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Carbon FootprintWhen considering a house relocation, consider your regular commuting habits.

It would be ideal if you could live in a place that is within walking distance of shops, schools, restaurants and local entertainment to cut down your dependence on a vehicle.

Rather than using a large car, invest in a bicycle or scooter.

While they still use fuel, the consumption is a lot lower compared to the standard sedan cars or four wheel drives. Many people commute alone in their car. If you know you are travelling solo, a bicycle or scooter are much more environmentally friendly travel options.

Make smarter investments that will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint to help the environment. Mother nature needs you. Why not make the commitment today?

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