How Pitchi’s online video tool can help sustainable and ethical brands

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How Pitchi’s online video tool can help sustainable and ethical brands

As someone endeavouring to start an organic food business offline and freelance copywriting online, I have first-hand experience of the challenges of an entrepreneurs’ life. It is exhausting and not for the faint hearted, especially when you look at your bank balance and outgoing business expenses.

Thankfully I have business partners (and a life partner for that matter) that help lighten the stress load. The other things I’m thankful for are the free digital platforms such as Instagram and Twitter that allows me to connect with like-minded people, enterprises and potential clients.

So when Pitchi landed on my ‘digital’ lap I knew I just had to share it with you. Pitchi is an online video-based selling platform that gives entrepreneurs and small business owners, including creatives and sustainability entrepreneurs like me a chance to reach a broader audience. Entrepreneurs can actually sell their product by using video.

Think of it this way: if YouTube and eBay had a baby, it would look like Pitchi.


Entrepreneurs, businesses and sellers will need to register with Pitchi first. Then once you are logged in with your unique Pitchi login you can upload your video. Your Pitchi video should be used to pitch your products but also tell the story behind your brand and/or product. It can be up to 60 seconds long which is more than enough time to explain who you are, what you’re about and include examples of your product/products.

Once your video/s have been uploaded to Pitchi buyers have the opportunity to view them and make purchases on the website too.


Any digital tools and devices that help social and sustainability entrepreneurs get their message out get my full support. You can bet that once our organic food business launches and we sort out distribution, I’ll be using Pitchi to help us connect with our customers in some way.

Simple and straight-forward

It’s easy to use. You register as a user, upload your video and buyers will be able to see it. There are no limits to the number of videos you upload and you have your own unique video URL link which enables you to share it globally should you wish.

Personal touch

Pitchi allows businesses and entrepreneurs a chance to differentiate themselves by having an entire 60 seconds to connect with potential customers and show the brand’s personality and philosophies. Depending how creative you are, the sky is the limit in terms of creating unique videos to upload. Anyone viewing it will get the chance to see a side of you or your business that they normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to see from a few still shots of your products.


There is a growing network of passionate entrepreneurs using Pitchi with unique, innovative products you’ll struggle to spot elsewhere. While there are lots of videos already in the lifestyle, homewares and beauty categories, my favourite videos are the ones uploaded by ethical fashion brands and sustainable businesses (surprise, surprise).

Jacob & Esau

I wasn’t familiar with this Australian ethical brand before I came across their video on Pitchi, but now they’re on my radar. Founders Jacob and Esau come across as super sweet and their video explores how they help their garment workers achieve living wages in Bali. Check out their video below:


Cameron & James

I was also delighted to see Australian men’s sustainable fashion brand Cameron & James on Pitchi too as I fell in love with their garments at an Undress Runways sustainable fashion event in Melbourne and hope you do to when you watch their video:


Fluid Growers

Then there’s this really cool Aquafarm Herb Garden where you can grow your own food in your home. A cute idea for those of you who live in small urban spaces like apartments, flats and units.


As there is a growing appetite for video content, I encourage all you sustainability entrepreneurs to jump on and start using it to promote your business and its products.

If you’re not a business owner but an interested shopper, why not head over and check it out. Ecopreneurs and small ethical businesses need all the help they can get to compete in the ruthless world of commerce. Just make sure to shop responsibly 🙂

Disclosure: This post was supported by Pitchi. Eco Warrior Princess is committed to high standards of integrity and quality. We do not promote any brand concepts/products that we do not believe meets these standards and only promote those that are in line with our values. For more information, click here.

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