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Bohemian Rose is passionate about living thoughtfully, creating products that are luxurious and natural for your home and family. We pride our products on their luxurious esthetics and natural properties. Our eco luxe design is sophisticated and timeless, reflecting the elegance of our fragrances.

We are market leaders within our industry, shaping the way for a more natural approach to product selection and manufacturing.

We locally blend our own wax and fragrances using only the highest of quality products that are responsibly sourced from ethical companies. Our products are free from dyes, colouring, additives and 100% paraffin free.

We are passionate about women’s health and have developed products that extremely safe to use throughout all life stages. This includes pregnancy, nursing mothers, chemotherapy patients and those taking immunosuppressant’s.

Our products are beautifully packaged in recyclable materials ready to be gifted to the ones you love. There is no need for extra wrapping or boxing, reducing the amount of unnecessary waste Australians produce each year. We also provide useful tips on how to re-use and repurpose our glassware.

Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience from the comfort of your own home.  We believe luxury should be an everyday essential, and that women should surround themselves with beauty. We are making it possible to indulge and be pampered without negatively impacting the environment.





Bohemian Rose eco candle

Bohemian RoseBohemian Rose sustainable luxury candles

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