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7 Things Sustainable Fashion People Say

I’ve attended many fashion shows, events and launches and always have a giggle when I overhear some of the things that fashion people say. Some comments are so outlandish that it doesn’t surprise me that a movie like Zoolander is such a box office hit. It’s easy to parody fashion people.

Fashionistas are hilarious without meaning to be. They say things with such seriousness that leaves you wishing you could turn around and say ‘First world problems….’

Thankfully, the experience of a sustainable fashion show such as the Undress Runways is a little different. Here’s what eco fashion people say that you don’t often hear from the usual fashion crowd (some of these phrases I’ve even uttered myself…):

  1. ‘What do you reckon that garment’s made of?’ Natural fibres and recycled fabric get the most oohs and ahhs and nods of approval.
  1. ‘They were in Peppermint Magazine…’ Because any ethical and eco-friendly brand worth knowing has been found in the pages of this sustainable lifestyle bible.
Undress Runways Sustainable Fashion Show Melbourne
Undress Runways Sustainable Fashion Show in Melbourne
  1. ‘Is this vegan?’ There is a higher proportion of vegans in the ethical fashion world and not catering to them at a sustainable fashion event is sinful. This could also be substituted with the phrases: ‘Is this raw?’ or ‘Is this vegetarian?’
  1. ‘Are they really taking a selfie?’ Because selfies are even worse than checking yourself in on Facebook.
  1. ‘Do you think they serve organic wine?’ Sustainable fashion people aren’t just interested in eco-friendly fashion. They’re interested in sustainability. Period.
  1. ‘This is so cute…!’ referring to one or all contents in the ethical gift bag. There is no sense of entitlement here. Getting a gift bag is never guaranteed so you’re grateful when you get one.
  1. ‘How cool does he/she look?’ Beauty isn’t the only thing coveted in sustainable fashion. There is an appreciation of sustainable style, no matter how wild, colourful, non-trendy and eccentric one looks.

Now over to you: have you been to any sustainable fashion shows or media events? Overheard anything interesting? Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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