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Eco Bloggers Unite for International Friendship Month

Did you know that February is International Friendship Month? Neither did I until my beautiful yogi friend Jacqueline Pinedo founder of eco blog A Daily Joy mentioned it in one of her emails.

So as eco bloggers do – we decided to team up and do a month long collaboration acknowledging Friendship February and the value that friendships bring to our lives. We also thought it would be a great way to showcase how we both approach eco lifestyle and ethical fashion – two different styles with the same sustainable goal! Plus we’ll be doing some giveaways too! Jackie is based in California USA and I’m in Queensland Australia – but we have far too many common interests to let tiny things like distance and time zone get in the way of our friendship!

The values of friendship and love are what unifies us as human beings and helps to make the world go round. However our modern lives can make it difficult to honour these values. We say we value our friends and then months can go by before we ‘find the time’ to spend with them. We can get so bogged down in our hectic goal-focussed lives that we neglect the people we consider most important: our friends.

Friendship Feb - Eco Bloggers Unite


Friendship February is the perfect time to reconnect with old friends – and even make new ones. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Pick up the phone and call a friend – remind them that you haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth
  • Write a letter and send it to a friend – imagine the look on their face when they receive it in the mail
  • Email an e-card as a thank you for their love and friendship
  • Publicly thank a friend by posting an image of the two of you on Instagram or Facebook – don’t forget to tag them in it
  • Send a friend some perennial flower seeds as a symbol of your friendship – nurturing a plant is like nurturing a friendship: it takes time, patience and love and neglect will only cause it to wither and die
  • Snap a funny image or video and send through Snap Chat – guaranteed to make them smile or laugh out loud (LOL!)
  • Organise a get together and make a girls day (or night) out of it – these memories often last a life time
  • Surprise your bestie by rocking up to her or his house with a bottle of wine (or two) and some macarons – they’ll forgive you for going AWOL
  • Reach out to a new friend and collaborate on a project (just as Jackie and I have done for this one)

Whether you take one action from the list or all of them – good karma is sure to follow!

Eco Bloggers Unite for Friendship Feb
For more green ideas and yoga inspiration check out Jackie’s blog ‘A Daily Joy’


Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Sometimes friends can even come from our own families! My sister Jennilyn is one of my closest friends because she’s just an awesome person: constantly making me laugh and always accepting of my greenie-ness. Friends (and family as I just pointed out) are fun to be around, they brighten our days, cheer us up when we’re feeling blue, provide advice when we need it and add so much colour and dimension to our lives. Humans aren’t meant to live like separate islands apart from one another. We all need love and friendship and the sense of community it brings. So let’s celebrate our friendships and  consciously ‘spread the love’ this month!


To kick the month off, Jackie and I will be taking to social media and using our blogs to remind people of the importance of nurturing friendships and sharing ideas of how we contribute to a more sustainable planet. Furthermore, we’ll be using the hashtag #FriendshipFeb to highlight the event and would love to invite you and your friends to join in on the fun!

We believe the more love, friendship and green inspiration we share, the better off our world will be – just don’t forget to use the #FriendshipFeb hashtag so we can befriend you too!

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