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Xmas Giveaway – Synergy Organic Clothing

Sustainability and socially responsibility are buzz words that get thrown around a lot nowadays due to the wide coverage green issues are getting in the media and in politics. However the truth is, there have always been pioneers in this space; individuals and businesses who led the way even when everyone else at the time were putting profits before people.

Synergy Organic Clothing is one such example. A business that began some 20 years ago when a young woman named Kate Fisher travelled to Nepal and became inspired not only by the country’s textiles and fabrics, but by its people. Fast forward to today and the business:

  • supports 150 women providing them with a living wage;
  • provides them with flexibility to take their work home understanding their roles as caregivers;
  • allows them to work at their own pace;
  • ensures a safe working environment free from harmful chemicals and pesticides;
  • sources Certified Organic Cotton and other eco-friendly materials;
  • adheres to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS);
  • partners with local council and organisations to protect water resources; and
  • is quality controlled to meet strict Fair Trade Practices.

The business is transparent, their story is real and their values are at the heart of everything they do – proving that people and planet can coexist synergistically.

Synergy Organic Clothing Giveaway - Eco Warrior Princess

As for me, I have been aware of Synergy Organic Clothing since I began writing in this space as as one of those brands who were, and still are, at the forefront of the industry. Their garments ticks all the boxes for me – well-designed, sustainable, ethical, affordable, practical and tran-seasonal! So when they got in touch and wanted to collaborate, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity as I had been secretly coveting their clothes for years.

Given that I am small in size and stature, I selected my garments in XS. I decided on the ‘Stella’ three-quarter sleeve black organic cotton top with ruching. This was an easy choice because it had classic practicality written all over it! It is the perfect fit and it goes well with everything – shorts, jeans, skirts, yoga pants and trousers. Everything. The top is the epitome of versatility which is ideal because I like my clothes to serve many functions.

Synergy Organic Clothing - Eco Warrior Princess Xmas giveaway

Then I chose the ‘Lucy’ dress in the chai colour which is a reflection of my taste for clean silhouettes and uncomplicated form. This is a dress that would be classified as a ‘wardrobe staple’ and – this was unintentional as I don’t really follow high profile people – reminds me of something Kate Middleton would wear (or is it Princess Kate these days?) Anyway this dress fit me so well that my fiance swears I had it tailor made, which of course I hadn’t. The dress can serve a multitude of purposes: work, weddings, dinner parties and other events. I chose this particular dress for its colour and cut which I know will never date, taking me from season to season; and year to year.

Synergy Organic Clothing Giveaway - Eco Warrior Princess Xmas giveaway

Synergy Organic Clothing Giveaway - Eco Warrior Princess xmas giveaway

The Giveaway Details

Now for the good stuff.

If you like what I’m wearing but don’t have cash because it’s tied up with buying Christmas gifts, we’ve come to the rescue. Eco Warrior Princess and Synergy Organic Clothing are offering you the chance to win a Synergy Organic Clothing gift certificate valued at $50.

How to enter:

Re-post one of the images below on your Instagram page with a comment stating why you’d like to win, tag #ewpsynergygiveaway and follow the @ecowarriorprincess and @synergyclothing accounts.

Synergy Organic Clothing - Eco Warrior Princess giveaway

Synergy Organic Clothing - Eco Warrior Princess

Synergy Organic Clothing Eco Warrior Princess giveaway

Increase your odds

To improve your chances of winning this prize, complete any – or all – of the actions below and receive a bonus entry for each action taken (for it to count, you MUST leave a comment on this post detailing which actions you took as well as your email address for verification purposes):

1. ‘Like’ the Eco Warrior Princess Facebook page.

2. ‘Like’ the Synergy Organic Clothing Facebook page.

3. Follow Eco Warrior Princess on Twitter

4. Follow Synergy Organic Clothing on Twitter

5. Subscribe to the Eco Warrior Princess blog

6. Subscribe to the Synergy Organic Clothing newsletter

That’s it. Now go ahead and enter – and as I often say, may the luck be with you!


Terms and Conditions:

Competition is open to international residents.

You must re-post on a public Instagram account so that the entry can be identified.

If an entrant chooses to complete additional entries outside of Instagram, the entrant acknowledges that they must submit a comment on this post detailing what actions were taken.

Entries close Saturday 13th December 5pm AEDT.

The winner will be drawn at random and will be announced on this blog post, on Instagram, Twitter and on Facebook.

The winner will be notified via Instagram and must reply with their email address within 5 business days of notification.

In the event of the winner not being contactable, another random draw will be held.

Total prize package worth RRP $US50.

Disclosure: I received the garments from Synergy Organic Clothing as part of our collaboration. As usual, all opinions are my own.

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