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Top 7 Places to Go Glamping

If you haven’t heard of glamping you may be one of the only few still living under a rock! Glamping is taking the world by storm – and leaving traditional camping in its wake.

The term ‘glamping’ stands for glamorous camping and is used to describe a popular travel concept that targets the city slicker wanting to enjoy the great outdoors without forgoing comfort. Rather than having to go to the hassles of pitching a tent, rolling out the sleeping bags out and digging holes should you hear ‘nature calling’, glamping offers a preferable alternative.

Today, with good planning and the right spot, you can enjoy sleeping under the stars in your high heeled shoes should you wish! Just don’t expect a bargain when booking however. Unlike conventional camping, these sites aren’t about cutting corners, but instead work hard to make the experience as luxurious as possible.

If you love nature but don’t much like the idea of ‘roughing it’, here are some glamping places worth checking out:

Cosy Tents, Australia

Cosy Tents, nestled in Victoria’s spa country Hepburn Shire and just over an hour from Melbourne, provides an affordable glamping experience. They offer private tents with mod cons such as: a queen sized bed, 1200 thread count bed linen, blue tooth speaker system, cooking facilities and outdoor seating area.

Cosy Tents - Glamping
Source: Cosy Tents

The Dome Garden, UK

Glamping isn’t quite the same without architectural interest in the structure of the tent, and the Dome Garden has that market cornered. The site is in the middle of the Ancient Forest of Dean with tents accommodating from 2-8 people each. The location is also expanding fast, with additional tents to be added soon.

The Resort at Paws Up, USA

Located in the untouched wilderness of Montana, USA, The Resort at Paws Up offers luxury safari tents for families, couples and groups. Featuring spacious ensuite bathrooms with jetted tubs, fine linen, a plush dining pavilion and even a personalized glamping butler, The Resort at Paws Up is at the high end of glamour camping.

The Resort at Paws Up - Glamping
Source: The Resort at Paws Up

Jolly Days Luxury Camping, UK

Jolly Days, which set up camp in 2008, claims that it led the way for glamping in the UK. While their site, which sits just outside of York, is a little larger than others, they make sure to keep tents far enough away to ensure that parties don’t bother one another. No matter if you’re planning a hen party or just a romantic getaway, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here.

Paperbark Camp, Australia

Opened in 1999, Paperbark Camp in Australia set the benchmark for 5-star luxury camping. Located in Jervis Bay on the NSW south coast, this glamorous tented bush camp offers a restaurant serving fine food and wine, canvas safari accommodation with decking, outdoor furniture and an open-air private en-suite.

Paperbark Camp - Glamping
Source: Paperbark Camp

Sky Den, UK

This site challenges the classification of glamping since it’s not a tent, but rather a tree house with walls that open up. Located in Calvert Trust Kielder, Northumberland, this isn’t an experience you’ll want to miss. If sleeping in a tree doesn’t happen to please you, then Canopy and Stars, a site devoted entirely to glamping in the UK, offer a variety of other unique glamping experiences.

Camp Orenda, USA

If you live in New York and looking for a glamorous but affordable stay in the wilderness, you can’t beat Camp Orenda located in Johnsburg. Known for its private canvas cabins complete with rustic furnishings, this is an ideal getaway for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts with plenty of opportunity for hiking, rafting and kayaking.

Camp Orenda - Glamping
Source: Camp Orenda

So if you’re stuck on ideas for what to do these Christmas holidays, why not give glamping a try?

If you know of any other glamping spots not listed please feel free to share them. Or if you have gone glamping, tell us about your experience. Where did you go? What did you like about the glamping spot? What didn’t you like about it?

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