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The Thrifted Dress He Can’t Stand

If you’re a woman who dresses purely to impress a man – your man or men in general – this is not a blog post for you. Best be clear about this at the beginning. Perhaps you should be reading Cosmo instead. That magazine caters to women who care about crap like that.

I am not a woman who cares for that nonsense. I’m the kind of woman who dares to make her own choices and wears what she wants according to how she feels. Some people might even label me that word: feminist. In truth, I may politely consider my partner’s opinion (although I rarely ask him for it), but essentially, I wear what I feel like wearing. My fiancé Ben has given more nods of approval than not. He even helped me cut my hair boy short when my hairdresser wouldn’t – and everyone else was saying “what were you thinking!” So when Ben doesn’t like what I’m wearing, it’s usually with good reason such as:

  • the outfit isn’t flattering
  • it doesn’t show off my “good” figure
  • the print is “too much”
  • I look like I’m from a different time (too hippie)
  • I look like I’m from a different planet (too strange)

In fact, the idea for this blog post stemmed from an ongoing disagreement we have about one dress in particular: a beige/burnt orange dress with an unusual hemline that I purchased for a bargain price of $7 from recycled “thrift” superstore Savers.

Thrift Dress - Eco Warrior Princess 6Thrifted Dress - Eco Warrior PrincessThrifted Dress - Eco Warrior Princess

Why I like it

This second hand dress is actually a ‘Grecian style’ maxi-length halter sundress which is loose and oversized allowing for air circulation. Its relaxed fit means the dress is practical and easy to wear, perfect for warm summer days on the farm or at the beach. The dress has an uneven almost asymmetrical hemline which means its length is shorter at the front than it is at the back. It also has a “boho glam” quality that I look for in all my summer outfits.

Why he doesn’t like it

Each time I wear this dress, Ben makes it clear what he doesn’t like about it: “The dress doesn’t do anything for your boobs – it makes you look flat.” Indeed I was not genetically gifted in the area of boob size and from certain angles, Ben is right, I look like I’ve been swallowed up by two extra unnecessary metres of fabric. Pointing out a fashion catastrophe that involves the questioning of actual bra size (I’m a 10A – 32A in American sizing) may motivate some women to ditch the dress. But not me.

Thrifted Dress - Eco Warrior Princess

Thrift Dress - Eco Warrior Princess

As it happens, I don’t care for wearing bras and couldn’t care less what my bust size looks like in a dress that was designed for comfort. Call me a feminist if you wish but sexiness was definitely not a priority when I purchased this thrifted sundress. I happen to think I look great. I’d like to know what you think too. Just to keep score.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. If you have a garment/s or outfit that your partner dislikes, please feel free to share your story.


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