The Rise of Ethical Fashion Bloggers

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The Rise of Ethical Fashion Bloggers
Source: Slow Fashion Org
Source: Slow Fashioned Org

There has been a cultural shift in the way people consume in recent years and it seems – for the moment anyway – that the ‘Green Team’ is winning over the ‘Greed Team’. There has been a noticeable trend towards individually crafted, sustainably produced items at a fair price and away from corporate controlled, mass manufactured cheap imports. This is good news for ethical fashion, a fast-growing portion of the fashion industry that has done well on the back of consumers demands for more information about where, how and by whom their fashion is made.

I began my own ethical fashion journey a long time ago but officially – as in last fast fashion item purchased – was back in 2010. During this time there were relatively few ethical fashion bloggers, and many of whom were based in the UK. Since then, I have witnessed a rise in the number of ethical fashion bloggers going online and voicing their concerns about fast fashion. It has been an exciting development in this sphere, especially given what we are up against – The Fashion Blogger.

Your Typical Fashion Blogger

These bloggers seem to have all gone to the same blogging school because – and I don’t mean to sound rude – but there are so many similarities between them that it makes it hard to differentiate one from another. In fact, so much so, it’s as if they were all taught subjects such as:

  • They Lie: Written Content is Not King
  • Mastering the Perfect Pout & Selfie
  • If In Doubt – Just Post Anything
  • Why “Follow Me & I’ll Follow You Back” Works Every Time
  • There’s No Such Thing As Image or Newsletter Spamming
  • The Art of Copying An Outfit
  • Attribution: Why No One Does It & Neither Should You
  • More is More When It Comes to Make-Up
  • Financing Fashion: Learning to Keep Your Head Just Above Water

I was being tongue-in-cheek but you get my drift.

What Makes Ethical Fashion Bloggers Different

Whilst I’m sure there are ethical fashion bloggers who commit these sins (especially the selfie which I am unfortunately seeing more of) I am not aware of many who do. It seems they remain relatively independent and aren’t caught up with narcissism, fashion trends, writing poor copy or giving up their values to the highest bidder. The only faux pas I have identified is that some have fallen victim to “greenwashing” (where a company promotes its product as environmentally friendly and markets these attributes whilst detracting consumers from other undesirable truths).

On the whole, they are a pretty cluey bunch who demand answers from brands and businesses. Critical thinking is severely lacking in standard fashion blogging, but within ethical fashion, bloggers seem to carry a healthy amount of cynicism. The other thing that sets them apart from their fast fashion counterparts? They don’t just make fashion purchases – they make mindful consumer choices. Period.

If you follow any ethical fashion bloggers, or any bloggers at all, I’d love to hear about them. Who are they? What do they blog about in particular? Why do you follow them? Do you think they’re worth featuring on Eco Warrior Princess?

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