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A Shift in Health Consciousness

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I heard some wonderful news recently. It went something like this:

“McDonalds is experiencing a slump in worldwide sales…!”

On the back of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary film “Super Size Me” 10 years ago that revealed the disgusting reality about how McDonalds (colloquially known as Maccas in Australia) food can negatively impact a human being’s health (in the doco, it was his own), I was surprised the company bounced back at all.

You may be wondering why I’m even bringing this up.

The truth is those golden arches represent so much of what is entirely wrong with our society. We as a people have become so preoccupied with what we’re doing that we’re forgetting to live! And living to me includes the basic things like eating healthy. This focus on study, on career, on the material, on the stuff out there, on squeezing so much in our day, on trying to get through the day, on paying the bills, on raising kids – it can be taxing! And of course, it is little wonder that we’re all so time poor and have been turning to those convenience foods that McDonalds & Co. are only so willing to provide. But then we don’t get the nutrition we need from these foods so we get tired, we get moody, and then we get sick. And then the vicious cycle begins again..!

So you see, we as a society have in fact fed this fast food monster!

But to hear that Maccas sales are declining has given me hope that the tide is turning. There could be a host of reasons that could explain their downward spiral (issues with Chinese meat production, American wage disputes etc.) but I personally think that changing consumer preferences towards healthier options is the primary reason for their dismal sales. I really think people all over the globe are beginning to realise that McDonald’s products aren’t food, they’re poison!

The decline in demand for Maccas is the evidence that leads me to believe that people are waking up. For a while there I really thought it was just me, my family and close friends and our circle of influence..!

It’s great to see that the wider community is starting to see through the highly mechanised, highly industrialised, fast food offered by this fast food giant. It’s not fresh, even if in the ads the burgers look that way. It’s full of sugar and other nasty ingredients that aren’t that great for you and we can’t even pronounce. And if you follow the food all the way up the production line, I’m pretty confident there’s a high proportion of factory farming going on as well!

So yes, I’m raising this topic because I am really quite excited by this shift in human consciousness.  And if each of us continue to pay closer attention to our nutrition, our overall physical fitness and our spiritual well-being and that of our families as well, we may just get the chance to evolve past diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and mental illness – but to name a few!

Which could eventually spell the end of Big Pharma and transform our entire healthcare industry from one of ‘medicating’ to one of ‘prevention and healing’.

And then it would be the beginning of a much needed revolution….!
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